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Our chemistry is your solution.

CHEMEON Surface Technology (formerly Metalast), with roots dating back to 1994, is a B2B provider offering hard material surface engineering solutions to its global customers.

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Chemeon Research Scientist Alec Kindall

Chemeon Adds Research Scientist
Alec Kindall recently earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Arizona State University.

Chemeon TCP-HF and TCP-NP anodic seals

Room-Temp Anodic Seals Outperform Hot Dichromate Seals
At Sur/Fin 2018, Chemeon will highlight the performance of its TCP-HF (hexavalent-free) and TCP-NP (no-prep) room-temperature anodic seals in independent third-party testing.

two people

Chemeon Scientists to Present at Florida Finishers Conference
Catherine Munson, Ph.D., will present “Chemeon TCP as a Room Temperature Seal for Anodized Aluminum” at 4 p.m. on February 7, and Sjon Westre, Ph.D., will present “Current Density Anodizing and the 720 Rule” at 11 a.m. on February 8.

Chemeon chemists Dr. Catherine Munson, Shay Davis and Joe Harrington

Chemeon Adds Two Chemists, Promotes Another
Chemeon Surface Technology has added Dr. Catherine Munson as a research chemist and Joe Harrington as an analytical chemist, and promoted Shay Davis to product support chemist/business development manager.

How to Apply the 720 Rule to Current Density Anodizing
What can you tell me about the 720 Rule as it applies to current density anodizing? Plating expert Sjon Westre, Ph.D., from Chemeon answers this question.

Chemeon Introduces Trivalent Chromate Surface Technologies
Chemeon Surface Technology introduces its TCP-HF RTU (hexavalent-free/ready-to-use) trivalent chromate alongside a novel trivalent colorant.

Chemeon displays its suite of chemistries including its TCP-NP anodic seal.

Suite of Aluminum Anodize Seals Offer Environmentally Safe Alternative
Chemeon displays its suite of chemistries including its TCP-NP anodic seal.

Frank Aguilar, California Technical Sales Specialist.

Frank Aguilar Represents Chemeon as California Technical Sales Specialist
Chemeon Surface Technology appoints industry leader Frank Aguilar as California technical sales specialist.

According to MPI, the passive FinKoteCC layer minimizes the development of oxides when water and salt are on the surface.

Military-Grade Aluminum Conversion Coating Technology Introduced to HVAC Market
Metal Processing International (MPI) and Chemeon Surface Technology team up to bring a new thin-film conversion coating to the HVAC market.

A Conversation with Dr. Sjon Westre, Chemeon Surface Technology
Dr. Westre was named vice president of technology for Chemeon in October with an emphasis on anodizing and conversion coating solutions.

Chemeon Names Dr. Sjon Westre as Technology Vice President
Westre will lead Chemeon's development of environmentally responsible coating and seal alternatives to hexavalent chrome for use on light metals

Chemeon’s Coatings Shorten Processing Times
These coatings do not require deox or surface activation steps.

Chemeon Marketing Chemicals Under Changed Name
Company divested itself of former Metalast name.

A Conversation with…Madylon and Dean Meiling, Chemeon
In 2013, Madylon and Dean Meiling became owners of Metalast, a Nevada-based supplier of chemistries for the plating industry.

Chemeon Rebrands From Metalast
Chemeon Surface Technology, the new name for metal finishing supplier Metalast is part of the company’s broader rebranding efforts.

Sealant for Aluminum Alloy Improves Anodized Coating Corrosion Resistance
According to the company, conventional sealants like steam, sodium dichromate, cold and mid-temp nickel, and other heavy metal acetates have not been entirely successful.

Dr. Madylon Meiling

Metalast Registers as Woman-owned Small Business
The company says it is the only WOSB in the world providing the U.S. Navy with MIL-SPEC QPD/QPL hex-free/trivalent chromate conversion technology.

Metalast, Dipsol Form Distribution Partnership
Metalast International and Dipsol of America have formed a distribution partnership that will add Metalast’s chemicals to the line of metal finishing products manufactured and distributed by Dipsol, which include zinc, zinc alloys, topcoats, phosphates and a variety of chromating chemicals.

Trivalent and No-Chromium Chemicals
Metalast International will be showcasing its trivalent and no-chromium family of products, including Metalast TCP-HF, Metalast TCP-NP and Metalast OCP.

Chemeon Surface Technology
Chemeon Surface Technology TCP-HF is an environmentally safe and superior drop-in replacement for hexavalent chromates.


Anodizing Process Eliminates Human Error
Universal's computerized anodizing system uses a unique blend of additives and pulsing techniques to build oxide coatings on aluminum. . .

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