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Here's the short answer: MicroCare can help you work faster, better, safer and cheaper.

Precision Cleaning, to the Newest Quality Standards

On April 15, 2009 MicroCare was registered to the new ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

Precision Cleaning, to the Newest Quality Standards

Bromothane nPB solvents are great for even the most demanding applications.

Precision Cleaning, to the Newest Quality Standards

For precision degreasing, defluxing and solvent drying, nothing beats today's Vertrel® solvents, only by DuPont.

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MicroCare To Launch its Redesigned Website January 2021

MicroCare To Launch its Redesigned Website January 2021
MicroCare will launch its redesigned website – which includes optimizations for easier use and improved navigation – on Jan. 11.

MicroCare Launches Stereze Surface Cleaning Line

MicroCare Launches Stereze Surface Cleaning Line
MicroCare has launched its Stereze line of alcohol-based workplace cleaning products, which it says are safe for use on electronics, plastic and metal.

Video: An Interview with Emily Peck, Laboratory Manager

Video: An Interview with Emily Peck, Laboratory Manager
Emily Peck of MicroCare was on Products Finishing's 40 Under 40 list for 2020. She spoke with managing editor Jenny Rush about sustainability, career goals and advice.

Vapor Degreasing: A Fresh Look at an Old Process

Vapor Degreasing: A Fresh Look at an Old Process
Solvent-based cleaning using a vapor degreaser is seeing a resurgence as an alternative cleaning method due to the development of environmentally safe cleaning fluids.

MicroCare Names New Assistant Corporate Controller

MicroCare Names New Assistant Corporate Controller
Beth Silvia, CPA, will be the assistant corporate controller for MicroCare, who specializes in coating, cleaning and lubricating fluids for manufacturing.

Top Reasons to Switch to a Better Cleaning Fluid
Venesia Hurtubise from MicroCare says switching to the new modern cleaning fluids will have a positive impact on your cleaning process.

plastic 3D part

Finishing Fluids for 3D Printed Parts
Choosing the correct binder jetting finishing fluids plays a key role in the success of 3D-printed products.

Choosing the Right Vapor Degreasing Method
Venesia Hurtubise with MicroCare says experience and expertise are helpful in optimizing and developing cleaning cycles that will best suit a specific job.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Chemistries
Parts cleaning is critical to ensure components are ready for the next stage in the process, and MicroCare’s Mike Jones explains how to pick the right chemistries.

lab equipment on a table

3 Ways Advances in Cleaning and Coatings Drive Medical Device Innovation
Jay Tourigny of MicroCare Medical says that advances in medical devices come with many benefits but also bring new challenges related to cleaning and coatings.

MicroCare Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification
The company says this certification indicates that its products are developed, engineered, manufactured and delivered using the latest and most advanced quality management processes.

Choosing the Right Critical Cleaning Method
Successful cleaning methods are critical to ensure components work as they should. MicroCare’s Mike Jones suggests you develop a cleaning “scorecard” to help you evaluate cleaning processes.

MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab webpage

Webpage Highlights Critical Cleaning Lab Services
MicroCare Corp. provides both off-the-shelf products and customized cleaning fluids tailored to meet specific needs.

cleaning wipe

Choosing Cleaning Wipes for a Specific Process
There are so many different cleaning wipes on the market. MicroCare’s Mike Jones offers some information to help you choose the right ones.

MicroCare Sheri Pear

MicroCare Hires its First Marketing Communications Specialist
Sheri Pear will work with top management to deploy new marketing programs that will sustain and accelerate the company’s growth.

Jomesa Measurement Systems’ HFD4 cleanliness  analysis system

A Look at Parts Cleaning Across the Continents
A visit to the parts2clean show examines how manufacturing views parts cleaning. 

MicroCare senior procurement manager James Gluck

MicroCare Creates New Procurement Manager Position
MicroCare Corp. has hired James Gluck as its senior procurement manager, a new position created to better integrate an expanding supply chain with the company’s three logistics centers and, in turn, its three manufacturing facilities.

MicroCare Appoints Outside Sales Manager
MicroCare Corp. has appointed Don Phifer as West Coast regional manager for its precision cleaning products.

Cost-Effective Cleaning with Vapor Degreasing
With modern equipment and solvents, vapor degreasing is a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally acceptable cleaning method.

Mike Jones

A Conversation with … Mike Jones, MicroCare Corp.
Mike Jones is vice president at MicroCare Corp., a leading global manufacturer of precision cleaning, coating and lubrication products based in New Britain, Connecticut.

What to Do After HCFC-225 Phase Out?
The phase-out of the last major ozone-depleting solvent HCFC-225 has begun, which is good for the planet, but tough for companies with complex cleaning requirements.

Product Categories of MicroCare Corp.

Cleaning Chemicals, Solvent
Cleaning Systems, Aqueous or CFC-free
Coatings, Dry-film or Solid-film Lubricant
Degreasers, Solvent, Vapor
Dryers, Solvent
Lubricants, Dry-Film or Solid-Film
Printed Circuit Board Processing Chemicals
Screen-Printing Equipment & Supplies
Solvents, Degreasing