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No matter what you need to clean, or what substance needs to be removed, NatriumĀ® Soda Blast may be your best choice. Experienced soda blasters have found Natrium's granular soda blast to be more productive than the standards of the industry. Natrium's High Quality Soda Blast: - is water soluble, non-hazardous and environmentally safe - is highly effective for industrial and commercial cleaning applications - is abrasive enough to get the job done, but will not harm the surface being cleaned We invite you to learn more about how Natrium Soda Blast can help you tackle your largest or smallest cleaning jobs. And when you're ready to give it a try, we'll recommend a distributor to you -- or we'll send you a free sample.

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Soda Blast Question Revisited
In my October 2011 column, a reader had a question regarding a source for Natrium 60 for blasting. Although I could not determine the source, I assumed it had to do with sodium bicarbonate blasting for paint removal. I wrote a bit on that subject and asked the readers to contact me if they knew any more regarding that specific product. Tim Herman of Natrium Products responded with a good overview of sodium bicarbonate blasting. As it turns out, his company offers a product that was likely what the reader was looking for: Natrium 260.

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