Optimum Anode Technologies

352 Balboa Circle
Camarillo , CA 93012 US


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Optimum Anode Technology's Mark Geusic Passes
In 2008 he formed a partnership with Titan Metal Fabricators and started Optimum Anode Technologies.

Optimum Anode dimensionally stable anode

Optimum Anode Offers Dimensionally Stable Anodes
Optimum Anode Technologies provides dimensionally stable anodes with a range of mixed-metal oxide coatings, including iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, platinum and proprietary oxide coatings, as well as platinum plated and clad material.

Product Categories of Optimum Anode Technologies

Anode Bags
Anode Bars, Baskets, Hooks
Anodes, Carbon
Anodes, Insoluble: Ceramic & Metal Oxide
Anodes, Platinum and/or Palladium-clad
Anodes, Titanium
Electroforming Equipment
Galvanizing Equipment, Supplies
Paint, Electrocoating
Painting Equipment, Electrocoating
Painting Equipment, Electrocoating: Membranes
Plating & Anodizing Equipment
Plating Equipment, Continuous (Wire & Strip)
Plating Processes, Chromium
Plating Processes, Chromium, Trivalent
Plating Processes, Copper
Pollution Control Equipment
Printed Circuit Board Processing Equipment
Racks, Plating, Painting & Anodizing
Titanium Racks, baskets