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Quality product for Material Removal, Grinding, Deburring, Weld Preparation, Maintenance, Linear Motion, and Surface Finishing.

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Osborn/JacksonLea features a full finishing product line including Novoflex Flexible Honing tools, Uni-Lok® composite disc brushes, Fascut™ composite wheel brushes, Softool® insert hones, PCD diamond super-abrasive brushes, Fineblanking brushes, Novoflex®, Coated Abrasive Tools, Spiral Brushes and Rollers, Sisal, and a wide variety of Wire and Abrasive Nylon wheel, cup, internal and end brushes.

As Seen In Products Finishing

What’s in a Burr?
An unclear definition has led to an industry standard for classifying burrs.

Breaking Old Mechanical Finishing Habits
Changing the process earns one finisher a $2+ million annual contract, therefore when we look at mechanical finishing, the first and most important items that should be considered are the shape and type of part

Radial Brush with CNC adapter

Basics of Power Brush Selection
Tips on how to choose the right brush for the right application...

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Abrasive Belts, Discs
Brushes, Cleaning & Polishing
Buffing Compounds
Deburring Equipment
Polishing Wheels