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Lambent Technologies and Petroferm Form Vantage Specialties Inc.
The name change signifies the unification of all Vantage business units within the personal care, performance materials and oleochemicals industries.

Petroferm Bio-based Cleaner is Alternative to Hazardous Solvents
Formulated as a safe replacement for trichloroethyelene (TCE), perchloroethyelene (PERC) and petroleum-based solvents, Petroferm’s Bioact 280 is a bio-based immersion cleaner for quickly dissolving masking waxes, fixturing and buffing compounds, and high-melt-point soils.

Petroferm Solvent Cleaner Suited for Electronics Defluxing, Other Uses
Designed to operate in open-top and vacuum vapor degreasers, Petroferm’s Lenium ES solvent cleaner is well-suited for electronics defluxing applications and removing solder fluxes, pastes and ionic residues from circuit assemblies.

Petroferm Launches Redesigned Website
A comprehensive search function will help visitors research products based on key criteria.

Petroferm CleanSafe 686 aqueous cleaner

Petroferm Alkaline-Based Aqueous Cleaner
Petroferm will showcase its CleanSafe 686 aqueous cleaner, an alkaline-based liquid solution formulated to meet the performance, compatibility and environmental requirements of a range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical and precision manufacturing.

Petroferm Solvent Available in Pre-Saturated Wipes
Petroferm Inc.’s Axarel 1000 precision solvent is available in pre-saturated wipes designed to remove greases, hydraulic fluids, mineral oils, lubricants, coolants, synthetics and particulate matter.

Boeing Approves Cleaner for Metals, Insulation Blankets
Petroferm’s Bioact 108 precision solvent has been approved per Boeing’s BAC 5750 Solvent Cleaning Specification (PSD 6-100) as a general cleaner for metal components and structures, and per BMS 11-14 for cleaning thermal acoustic insulation blankets.

Boeing Approves Solvent for Vapor Degreasing
Petroferm’s Lenium GS precision solvent has been approved by Boeing per its BAC 5408 Vapor Degreasing Specification (PSD 6-68).

Petroferm Appoints European Sales Manager
Petroferm has appointed Erwin Wild as European regional sales manager to focus on sales of the company’s cleaning products in Europe outside of the United Kingdom and Middle East.

Manual Cleaner Earns Bombardier Approval
Petroferm’s BIOACT 105 precision cleaner has been approved as a General (G) Manual Solvent Cleaner by Bombardier.

CleanSafe 787C

Boeing-Approved Aqueous Cleaner
The Boeing Co. and Spirit AeroSystems have approved Petroferm’s CleanSafe 787C Aqueous Cleaner for use on carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

New Platant Masking Wax
Petroferm Inc., Cleaning Products has recently developed and introduced Aerowax MT, a highly refined plating maskant wax with a melting point range of 168-180°F.

CleanSafe 787C is a next generation aqueous cleaner formulated to meet both global environmental standards and individual aerospace cleaning specifications.

Typical operating conditions

High-Precision Aqueous Cleaning
Semi-aqueous centrifugal cleaning of printed circuit boards proves to be a good call for a telecommunications company . . .

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