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PKG Equipment, Inc. offers design, fabrication and installation of custom finishing equipment from individual components to manual or automatic turnkey systems. We offer in-depth knowledge of the proper equipment for all types of finishing processes to optimize your production. Our systems are easy to operate and maintain. If you need modification of your existing line, we can do that too. PKG has plastics and metal fabricating departments along with in-house services of sandblasting, polishing, painting and plastisol coating. This gives us the capability to fabricate a variety of equipment such as tanks, tank linings, evaporators, pH neutralization systems, exhaust systems, racks and more, utilizing a wide range of materials. We also offer Koroseal lining and lead lining.

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Custom Fabricated Finishing Equipment Since 1969

Custom Fabricated Wet Benches and SinksPKG Equipment designs, manufactures and installs wet benches and sinks for small parts cleaning, plating, etching, passivation and more.

Custom Fabricated Tanks from Various Metals and Thermoplastics

PKG Equipment designs, fabricates, and installs tanks used in plating, anodizing, powder coating and waste treatment.

Custom Fabricated Turnkey Finishing Systems

PKG Equipment designs, manufactures and installs turnkey finishing systems for plating, anodizing, black oxide and pretreatment.

As Seen In Products Finishing

PKG Custom Designs, Installs Finishing Equipment
Custom finishing equipment includes components through complete systems.

PKG custom anodize and chemical film treatment system

PKG Equipment Installs Custom Anodizing Systems
PKG Equipment designs, fabricates and installs custom finishing equipment, including an anodize and chemical film treatment system used for Type I, Type II and Type III anodizing.

Monroe Plating began looking at adding capacity, which meant expanding its operation and adding a finishing line.

Making Plating Lines New Again
PKG Equipment helps Monroe Plating in Rochester, New York revive a used line and give the shop extra flexibility.

Pollution Control Technologies
Products and systems that can help finishers comply with environmental regulations

Product Categories of PKG Equipment Inc.

Anodizing Processes & Equipment, Aluminum Hardcoat
Barrel Finishing Equipment
Barrel Plating Equipment
Barrel Plating Equipment Repair
Baskets, Dipping, Pickling, Handling
Cathode Rod Agitators
Cleaning & Phosphating Equipment
Cleaning Equipment, Ultrasonic
Cooling Equipment for Plating & Anodizing Solutions
Dragout Solution Evaporators
Dryers, Centrifugal
Electroforming Equipment
Electropolishing Equipment
Equipment Engineering & Installation Services
Etchant-Recovery & Recycling Equipment
Etching Machines
Exhaust Systems
Filtration Equipment, Solution
Flooring, Chemical-Resistant
Galvanizing Equipment, Supplies
Hoists, Traveling: Automatically Controlled
Hoists, Traveling: Manually Controlled
Lining Services for Tanks & Mass-Finishing Equipment
Parts Washers, Mechanically Agitated
Plating & Anodizing Equipment
Plating Equipment, Continuous (Wire & Strip)
Plating Rack Coatings
Pollution Control Equipment, Chemical Destruction
Pollution Control Equipment, Evaporative Recovery
Pollution Control Equipment, Fume Scrubbers
Pollution Control Systems Engineering, Air
Pollution Control Systems Engineering, Water
Printed Circuit Board Processing Equipment
Racks, Plating, Painting & Anodizing
Tank Covers
Tank Linings, Tumbling Barrel Linings
Tanks, Metal
Tanks, Plastic
Washers, Small Parts