PRAB, Inc.

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Industrial Water & Wastewater Systems


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PRAB Ultrafiltration Systems Offer Smaller Footprints

PRAB Ultrafiltration Systems Offer Smaller Footprints
Ultrafiltration system comes in two compact versions.

2 jars with PH levels

Steps to Take Control of Wastewater Treatment
Finishing operations should consider their environmental impact and other motivating factors, beyond mere compliance.

man at a control panel

KMC Global Expands Controls, Automation Division
KMC Global Controls and Automation provides control panels for industrial equipment, plus automation and integration with remote and on-site support capability.

Removing Heavy Metals from Wastewater
The removal of soluble heavy metal ions from wastewater is a common industrial treatment requirement in modern manufacturing.

Product Categories of PRAB, Inc.

Conveyors, Magnetic Belt
Distillation Equipment
Filtration Equipment, Solution
Oil Recovery & Recycling
Oil Skimmers, Separators
pH Meters
Pollution Control Chemicals, Heavy-Metal Removal
Pollution Control Equipment
Pollution Control Equipment, Evaporative Recovery
Pollution Control Equipment, Ion Exchange
Pollution Control Equipment, Membrane Filtration
Pollution Control Equipment, Ozonation
Pollution Control Equipment, Reverse-Osmosis
Pollution Control Equipment, Sludge Concentration/Conversion
Refiners & Reclaimers, Metals
Testing Laboratories, Independent, Water Pollution Control
Ultrafiltration Equipment