Precious Metal Sales

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As Seen In Products Finishing

silver flat stock

Precious Metal Offers Gold, Silver and Platinum
Precious Metal Sales fabricates pure silver products, such as anodes which are included in gumdrops and kisses, mini mints and popcorn/raisins.

Gold Bug Recovery System Offers High Speed of Recovery for Precious Metals
The Gold Bug can be used with silver, palladium, palladium-nickel, platinum, rhodium and iridium and is commonly used for point source recovery from drag-out tanks, plating baths and stripper solutions.

Precious Metal Sales’ Anode Boasts More Surface Area
The anode is designed to include more silver per inch, 50 percent more surface area and uniform deposition of silver.

Range of Pure Metal Products, Platinum-plated Anodes
Precious Metal Sales Inc.’s product lines have expanded to include a range of gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium salts and pure metal products.

Platinized Anodes Available in Three Varieties
Precious Metal Sales – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 541

Precious Metals for Plating
Precious Metal Sales provides gold, silver, platinum and palladium for plating applications.

Product Categories of Precious Metal Sales

Acid Salts
Anodes, platinum-and/or palladium-clad
Anodes, silver
Anodes, titanium
Brush Plating Equipment, Solutions and Supplies
Plating Processes, gold
Plating Processes, gold, electroless
Plating Processes, palladium
Plating Processes, palladium, electroless
Plating Processes, platinum
Plating Processes, rhodium
Plating Processes, rhodium, electroless
Plating Processes, silver
Plating Processes, silver, electroless
Printed Circuit Board Processing Chemicals