Suppliers for Coatings, Electrocoatings

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Company City, State
» Coventya Inc. - Brooklyn Heights, OH
» Pavco, Inc. - Supplier of electroplating chemicals and commodities Charlotte, NC

Company City, State
Accessa Indianapolis, IN
» Axalta Coating Systems Houston, TX
» BASF Corporation Southfield, MI
Best Technology Inc. Minneapolis, MN
» ClearClad Coatings, LLC Harvey, IL
Coatec India Kurali, India
» Coventya Inc. Brooklyn Heights, OH
Dipsol of America, Inc. Livonia, MI
» Doerken Corporation USA Grass Lake, MI
» Dürr Systems, Inc. Southfield, MI
East Side Plating, Inc. Portland, OR
Elsyca NV Wijgmaal, Leuven, Belgium
TKS Industrial Company Troy, MI
» MacDermid Enthone Waterbury, CT
Mankiewicz Coatings, LLC Charleston, SC
PPG Coatings Services Lima, OH
Miles Chemical Solutions, LLC Orange, CA
» Pavco, Inc. Charlotte, NC
PPG Pittsburgh, PA
Protech Chemicals Ltd. Montreal, QCCanada
Schaetti AG Wallisellen, Switzerland
» Sherwin-Williams Company Cleveland, OH
Synder Filtration Vacaville, CA
Tech Line Coatings Industries, Inc. Seymour, TN
Techmetals Inc. Dayton, OH
Vergason Technology, Inc. Van Etten, NY