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Introducing the SmartOne™ PTC Electric Immersion Heaters


Process Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of our SmartOne™ line of PTC (positive temperature coefficient) electric immersion heaters. With this technology, thermal over-temperature protectors are no longer required to ensure safe operation. PTC heaters are more dependablewith extended service life and will not burn out in air like traditional resistance heaters.


A PTC heater utilizes solid state ceramic heating elements as its heat source. These devices are “self-limiting” - the maximum temperature is internally limited regardless of the operating conditions. Therefore, these heaters have a built-in safety not previously available in electric immersion heaters. Traditional resistance heaters have the potential for a runaway heat condition if operated out of solution, but a PTC heater can self limit its maximum temperature regardless if operated in water, air, or surrounded by buildup.


If the temperature goes down, so does the resistance (thereby increasing power output). If the heat transfer is restricted, as would happen when i.e. operating in air, the temperature will increase (as will the resistance) resulting in reduced power output. (PTCs are used in car seat warmers or hair dryers for example – the product reaches a predetermined maximum temperature and then turns itself down.)


Common threats to heater life are buildup and scale which cause overheat situations. These conditions will not cause the SmartOne™ to overheat.  The maximum output temperature is below the ignition point of most plastic tanks, so overheat damage is prevented if the element is operated in air or becomes covered with buildup.


PTC Element Technology


• SmartOne™ heaters utilize Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) semiconductors as the heating element. Unlike traditional heating elements they are self-limiting. Their resistance to electrical current increases as they get hotter.

• PTC elements have many everyday uses including hair dryers, car seat heaters, and curling irons.




• The SmartOne™ heater can only reach a set maximum element temperature which is below the ignition point of most combustible materials such as plastic tanks.

• No thermal over-temperature sensing device is needed. Safety is built in, not added on.

• No extra wires to connect or safety systems to calibrate.

• Impossible to bypass the thermal protection that is added onto traditional immersion heaters.

• Thermostat is still required to regulate process temperature.

• Liquid level device recommended.


Long Lasting


• SmartOne™ heaters last significantly longer than traditional immersion heaters because they are not affected by low solution level conditions,

scaling solutions, or sludge buildup.

• They limit their output, rather than overheating and burning out as traditional heaters do.

• As with any heater, periodic cleaning is still recommended because scale and sludge can increase the rate of chemical corrosion on the heater sheath.




• SmartOne™ heaters operate in three voltage ranges: 100-120 volts, 200-240 volts, and 380-480 volts.

• Since they internally regulate their output to match the environment, the need for de-rated heaters for viscous solutions is eliminated.

• SmartOne™ heaters are available in 304 stainless, 316 stainless, and titanium to handle a wide range of chemical compatibility requirements.


Easy Installation and Maintenance


• No external thermal protection device needed.

• No thermal protection device replacement.

• No additional wiring for thermal protection devices.

• No additional thermal protection components in the temperature control.

• No equipment downtime due to thermal protection maintenance.


Dependable, safe and long-lasting – State of the Art Smart.



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Process Technology is dedicated to the pursuit of world-class excellence and leading-edge technology.

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