Rapid Industries, Inc.

PO Box 19259
4003 Oaklawn Dr.
Louisville, KY 40259 US


As Seen In Products Finishing

Conveyor Systems and Components
This lit item focuses on the company's conveyor systems and its components, including chains, trolleys, overhead trolley conveyors, power-and-free conveyors, encloses track conveyors, 4x4 power-and-free conveyors and floor conveyors.

Power-and-Free Conveyor
This brochure showcases the Trans-Flow 3x3x3 Power-and-Free conveyor system, which combines the ruggedness and strength of X-348 power chain with the versatility and chain-to-chain transfer of the enclosed track power chain.

Rapid Trolley and Chain Components
Catalog highlights trolley and chain components.

Rapid Industries, Inc.
Company is a designer, manufacturer and installer of conveyor systems and componentsits Flex Enclosed Track Conveyor,  X-348, X-458 and X-678 Conveyor and Rapid Flow Power and Free Conveyors are installed to handle and move the product through the various stages in the finishing system.

Enclosed Track Systems
Brochure features the Rapid Flex TM Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor, designed to be reliable, economical, flexible, and easy to install.

Product Categories of Rapid Industries, Inc.

Conveyor Hangers, rotating
Conveyor Loading/Unloading Equipment, automatic
Conveyors, belt
Conveyors, chain-on-edge spindle-type
Conveyors, flat pallet
Conveyors, inverted power-and-free
Conveyors, overhead chain
Conveyors, overhead power-and-free