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A Message from Reliant Aluminum Products

Reliant is Your Source for Clariant Anodizing Dyes and Chemistry

The strategic alliance between Reliant and Clariant provides two major benefits.

Stand Out From the Crowd with Anodized Aluminum

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As Seen In Products Finishing

laura moore

Reliant Aluminum Products Hires Technical Sales Rep
Laura Moore has more than 18 years’ experience in the metal finishing industry, having served in a variety of project management positions, including vice president of operations.

How to Minimize Fading of Anodized Colors
All color-anodized parts fade, but if the process is optimized, you can expect years with minimal loss in color, says Reliant Aluminum Products’ Mark Jozefowicz.

Anodizing Chemistry Available in Smaller Packages
Reliant Aluminum Products’ Clariant Anodal finishing additives can be purchased in handy, 5-gallon buckets, tailored for small-scale anodizers that don’t require the traditional 55-gallon drum.

Jack Humble on the Value of Aluminum Anodizers Council
As term on the Board of Directors draws to a close, Humble expresses appreciation to everyone at the AAC on a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Clariant, Reliant Introduce New Range Of Metal-Free Anodizing Dyes Approved By NSF For Food Zone
Colors contain no heavy metals and offer distinct environmental advantages for aluminum anodizers.

Jack Humble

A Conversation with … Jack Humble, President, Reliant Aluminum Products
If ever a man fit his name, it would be Jack Humble, the president of Reliant Aluminum Products since 2008.

Reliant Appoints Jack Bucchi as Senior Technical Sales Representative
Reliant Aluminum Products (High Point, NC) has appointed Jack Bucchi to the role of senior technical sales representative serving anodizing customers in the northeast U.S.

testing cleaning machine

Anodizing that Withstands H2O2 Cleaning
Testing color anodized finishes in hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization.

No-Phosphate Soak Removes Buffing Compounds
Anodal Cleaner PMP from Reliant Aluminum Products and Clariant Corp. is a heavy-duty, non-silicated, non-phosphate alkaline soak cleaner effective at removing stamping oils and buffing compounds.

Reliant Aluminum Products Promotes Industry Use of Aluminum
Company produces several videos that promote the use of aluminum in the manufacturing process, as well as an advocacy video for several aluminum trade groups.

AAC Student Poster Awards Announced
Reliant Aluminum Products contributes scholarships for students with winning posters; Students engaged in materials science, bioengineering, nanotechnology, electrochemical technology, corrosion science, and related engineering disciplines presented their work.

Cobalt-Free Sealer Meets Environmental Requirements
With similar sealing properties and seal quality, Anodal CS-3 Powder sealer from Reliant Aluminum Products and Clariant Corp. is designed to be a cobalt-free replacement for Anodal CS-2N Powder. Cobalt is on the unfavorable list of metals under REACH/SVHC.

2020 Vision: Anodizing
A look at anodizing in the coming years

Fade Resistant Color for Aluminum
Reliant Aluminum Products' Sanodure Grey R Liquid is the newest addition to the company’s line of Sanodure fade-resistant indoor colors for aluminum.

Desmut/Deoxidizer for Aluminum
Anodal Deox CR No. 1 is the newest addition to Reliant Aluminum Products’ line of Anodal additives for anodizing and finishing.

Acid Etch System for Anodized Aluminum
Reliant Aluminum Products, Clariant’s U.S. distributor, has introduced the Anodal Acid Etch System, a moderately acidic etch used for the pretreatment of anodized aluminum.

Product Categories of Reliant Aluminum Products

Aluminum Etchants and Deoxidizers
Anodizing Processes, aluminum
Anodizing Sealants
Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
Dyes for Chromate and/or Phosphate Coatings
Dyes, anodizing
Electrolytic Coloring Processes for Anodized Aluminum
Inks, metal decorating