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Rösler TuneUp Service Modernizes Old Shot Blasting Machines

Rösler TuneUp Service Modernizes Old Shot Blasting Machines
Rösler’s TuneUp division analyzes old shot blasting equipment and conducts cost-effective retrofitting to boost machine efficiency and product quality.

Compounds Are Key to Mass Finishing Success
These chemical additives can help degrease, brighten, polish, protect against corrosion and provide stain resistance, and they keep the entire finishing process clean by continuously flushing out contaminants.

Have a Blast Cleaning Parts
The concept of the wet blasting process in parts cleaning and surface finishing is straightforward enough: combine abrasive media with water to form a special slurry, then add regulated compressed air to control the pressure as it is discharged over a surface.

A Conversation with ... Harold Wagenknecht, Rosler Metal Finishing USA
Harold Wagenknecht took over Rosler Metal Finishing USA two years ago and has orchestrated the very successful expansion of its Battle Creek, Mich., campus.

Rosler Celebrates Expansion of Michigan Facility

Rosler Celebrates Expansion of Michigan Facility
$6 million expansion is expected to bring 50+ new jobs to Battle Creek facility

Drag Finishing of Delicate Parts
For complex parts with high surface finish specs, production deburring and surface prep can be done using the drag finishing process whereby the parts to be deburred and finished are mechanically dragged through the media while attached to fixtures—thus preventing the parts from contacting one another.

Rosler's Grand Opening of Michigan facility is Oct. 6

Rosler's Grand Opening of Michigan facility is Oct. 6
300,000 sq.ft campus to be dedicated

special four-spindle drag machine

Finished Parts Fly High
Mass finishing methods for aircraft components

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