Rosedale Products, Inc.

3730 West Liberty Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 US


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Rosedale Bag, Cartridge Filter Housings
Rosedale Products’ NCO filter housings incorporate a hinged eyenut cover designed to be easy to remove for faster filter change-out.

Housings Accommodate Bag, Cartridge Filters
Rosedale’s NCO filter housings feature large dirt-holding capacity combined with a rugged design rated to 150 psi.

Rosedale Filters
Rosedale will promote its filters for OEM Solutions.

Liquid Filtration Product Catalog
The company's master catalog include many new offerings including membrane filter cartridges, the inclusion of the RCO and OT models, new custom systems section, emerald series high-capacity oil absorption cartridges, sanitary cartridge filter housings, x-tend filter bags, AWRS water reclaim system SRF separator skid and lock top filter bags.

Product Categories of Rosedale Products, Inc.

Filter Media for Liquids: bags, cartridges and rolls
Filtration Equipment, paint
Filtration Equipment, solution
Oil Skimmers, separators