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Sata Spray Equipment/Dan-Am Co. air supply and filtration system

Spray System Combines Air Supply and Filtration
An air supply and filtration system from Sata Spray Equipment/Dan-Am Co. that combines the Sata Vision 2000 supplied-air respirator and Sata 400 filter system is designed to allow spray operators to breathe easier, providing both breathing air and pure spraying air in a single system.

SataMinijet 1000 K Mini Pressure-Fed Gun

SATAminijet 1000 K Mini Pressure-Fed Gun
Dan-Am presents Sata’s SataMinijet 1000 K mini pressure-fed gun, compact in size, highly efficient and particularly lightweight.

Spray Gun, SATAjet

SATAjet Spray Gun Features Special “Easy Rider” Design
Spray gun comes in HVLP and RP versions.

SATA Spray Equipment, SATAminijet 1000 K Pressure-Fed Gun

SATA’s SATAminijet 1000 K Pressure-Fed Gun Built to Reduce Technician Fatigue
This gun is constructed for the plastic and metalworking industries, where release agents and lubricants need to be applied on die-casting or forging molds along with decorative and design applications that require precise detail of the coated part.

Satajet 5000 B

High Performance Spray Gun Boasts Versatility
Sata’s high performance spray gun, the Satajet 5000 B.

Compact Spray Gun for Difficult Access Areas
The SATAminijet 4400 B from Sata Spray Equipment is designed to be the perfect compact spray gun for superb finishes on areas of difficult access or on small panels.

Product Categories of SATA Spray Equipment

Air Make-Up Systems
Breathing Systems, Air Filtration
Clothing for paint finishers
Courses in Paint Application and Related Processes
Filters, breathing air
Filters, compressed air
Finishing Systems, paint, porcelain enamel, powder, conveyorized
Hoses, air or liquid
Nozzles, spray painting
Paint Dispensing Equipment
Paint, touch-up
Painting Equipment, air-assisted-airless spray
Painting Equipment, air-atomize spray
Painting Equipment, airless spray
Painting Equipment, high-volume/low-pressure air atomize
Painting Equipment, plural-component spray
Pumps, paint
Robots, painting and powder coating
Safety Equipment and Materials, personal
Spray-Gun Washers
Tanks, paint (pressure feed)