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Company Profile

Schaffner Manufacturing Company, Inc. designs and manufactures Flap Wheels, Buffing Wheels and Buffing Compounds for applications in the production of automotive & truck parts, motorcycles, aerospace components, plumbing fixtures, decorative hardware and cookware made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel and zinc.

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FLAP WHEELSA flap wheel is made up of abrasive strips (flaps) radiating from a hub (center). Flap wheels come in many different shapes and sizes, with outside diameters ranging typically from 4" to 24".


Buffing wheels are the delivery mechanisms for apply polishing compound to items being buffed or polished.


Buffing compounds are made of tightly-sized abrasives held together with glue or grease binders.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Robert K. Pinchot, Schaffner Manufacturing

Schaffner Manufacturing Hires Robert Pinchot for Marketing, Product Development
Bringing over 34 years of manufacturing, automation, technical and sales/marketing experience, Pinchot will be a valued asset to the Schaffner team, and begins his position in January.

Passive Harmonic Filters, Schaffner Mfg. Co.

Schaffner’s Passive Harmonic Filters Increase Reliability
These filters are easily installed and commissioned, and are designed for use with non-linear loads.

Schaffner Literature Details Passive Harmonic Filters
This 28-page, full-color brochure details ECOsine Passive Harmonic Filters.

Schaffner Manufacturing Acquires Barker Brothers
Barker Brothers is based in Ridgewood, NY, and has been in business for more than 100 years. The two companies represent more than 170 years of finishing experience.

Buffing & Polishing: The Need for Speed
The correct peripheral speed is an important consideration in getting the right results from your buffing operation. A buff that is turning too fast or too slow may result in damage to the buff or to the workpiece.

Remediation in the brushing area

Better (and Safer) Buffing Through Chemistry
A switch to non-combustible compounds and pads eliminated a potentially explosive situation at a Loxcreen Aluminum Division plant...

The MEG-A- BUFFTM is a large buff specifically designed for meter buffing machines.

Overview of Buffing System

Specifying Buffing Compound
Buffing is still regarded by many in the industry as being something of an art form. In today’s competitive industry, where customers demand precision and reproducible results, that mindset is a dangerous one. The shift of buffing—in our collective consciousness—from art to science might be facilitated by a better comprehension of buffing compound.

Product Categories of Schaffner Mfg. Co., Inc.

Abrasive Belts, Discs
Abrasive Blasting Materials
Abrasive Grain
Abrasives, non-woven nylon
Brushes, cleaning and polishing
Buffing Compounds
Buffing-Compound Applicators
Burnishing Compounds
Contact Wheels, abrasive belt
Dust Collectors, Dust-Control Systems
Felt Wheels and Bobs
Lathes, buffing and polishing
Lime, burnishing and polishing
Lubricants, polishing
Mass-Finishing Compounds
Mass-Finishing Media
Mass-Finishing Supplies
Polishing and Buffing Equipment, automatic
Polishing and Buffing Equipment, hand-held
Polishing Machinery, abrasive belt
Polishing Wheel Cement, glue
Polishing Wheels
Rubbing Compounds
Sanders, hand-held