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Composite Electroless Nickel Coatings for the Wind Energy Industry
The ability to tailor CEN coatings with an array of synergistic particles makes these coatings uniquely beneficial for applications in the wind energy industry.

man with a barrel plating rack

Diamond Coating Spurs Electroplater's Growth
Surface Technology’s Composite Diamond Coatings spur growth for supplier, plater.

Classic Plating uses One-Plate from Surface Technology

Electroless Nickel Baths Get Simpler
How Michigan’s Classic Plating switched to a one-step process to get better brightness.

This year, Products Finishing looks back at the industry’s top new products and services for industrial surface finishing.

Top Surface Finishing Innovations of 2016
We look back at the industry’s top new products and services for the past year.

One-Plate, Surface Technology Inc.

One-Plate EN Bath Solution Streamlines Process
Single-solution make up and replenisher saves on plating costs by simplifying the traditionally 3-step EN process.

Which one did you coat?

Electroless Nickel Solution Adds Chemical Marker
The day may have arrived when finishers can now grab a small electronic device and test to see if the rejects coming back to them were actually finished in their shop, and not, say, in the customer’s second-source finisher.

Teflon and diamond

Composite Electroless Nickel Coatings Surpass Hexavalent Chrome
Composite electroless nickel coatings can replace or even surpass chrome in some applications...

The Environmental Benefits of Composite Electroless Nickel Coatings
Because of the negative environmental and health effects related to chromium, finishers are looking for a replacement. Composite electroless nickel coatings may be one solution…

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Growth and Diversification through Vertical Integration
Finishers often choose to diversify to retain customers, increase sales and attract new customers. While most shops have traditionally diversified through horizontal integration, some shops are now diversifying through vertical integration...

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