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Titan RX-Apex airless spray gun

Titan Airless Spray Gun Has Ergonomic Design Features
Titan’s RX-Apex airless spray gun features an “all-day” trigger system designed to minimize operator fatigue, reducing trigger pull force and the force required to hold the trigger open.

Titan Helix VR2.3 spray system

Spray System Includes Electronically Integrated Proportionin
Titan’s plural-component Helix VR2.3 spray system is designed to apply protective coatings that require consistent, accurate material temperatures and precise variable-ratio control.

Titan GM5000 Electrostatic System

Electrostatic Painting System Offers High Transfer Efficiency
Combining the GM5000 electrostatic gun and the AirCoat air-assisted airless sprayer, Titan’s GM5000 Electrostatic System is designed to deliver a consistent finish, reduce material usage and increase productivity.

Product Categories of Titan

Nozzles, spray painting
Paint-Drum Rotators, Mixers, Shakers
Painting Equipment, air-assisted-airless spray
Painting Equipment, air-atomize spray
Painting Equipment, airless spray
Painting Equipment, electrostatic spray
Painting Equipment, high-volume/low-pressure air atomize
Painting Equipment, plural-component spray
Pumps, paint
Spray-Gun Movers, paint or powder coating