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Ultrasonic Cleaners


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A Refresher Course on Ultrasonic Cleaning
A close look at the intricacies of this technology helps with understanding how it is most effectively applied.

Tovatech’s Ultrasonic Cleaners Prepare Coating Surfaces
The company says these wheel-mounted systems operate at user-selected frequencies of 25 kHz for coarse cleaning and 45 kHz for fine cleaning prior to surface coating.

Tovatech Ultrasonic Cleaner Offers 3 Operation Modes
The Elmasonic S series benchtop ultrasonic cleaner from Tovatech operates in three modes—Sweep, Degas and Normal—for efficient cleaning, degassing and mixing/dissolving/dispersion, respectively.

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Offers Dual-Frequency Operation
The Elmasonic P series digital ultrasonic cleaner from Tovatech features dual-frequency operation and variable power controls that, together with normal, pulse, sweep and degas functions, and temperature and time controls, enable users to more quickly establish a standard procedure for sample preparation or lab cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Line Offers Multiple Control Operations
Tovatech’s Elmasonic P series ultrasonic cleaners give users control of ultrasonic power, frequency, mode, time and temperature for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

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