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300MAR analog recirculating automatic gun

Automatic Spray Gun Changes on the Fly
Turbo Spray's low pressure 300MAR analog recirculating automatic gun has the benefits of spraying at low atomizing/fan pressures (10 psi or less), along with fan width change capability on the fly, and paint recirculation through the body (or fluid tip) as well.

Turbo Spray Dual-Head HVLP Gun Combines Spray Capabilities
Turbo Spray Midwest’s #9000 dual-head spray gun combines a regular HVLP gun to spray wide areas of parts by robot with a programmable, fan-width HVLP gun with an extension for spraying hard-to-reach areas.

Turbo Spray Low-Pressure Spray Gun Has Multiple Heads
The setup of Turbo Spray’s #2001S multi-head low-pressure spray gun is designed to enable a robot to hold the mechanism and spray 360 degrees into recesses and hidden areas of a variety of parts.

Rotary-Head Gun Sprays Recessed Areas
Turbo Spray's #2001S rotary-head HVLP gun is designed to spray liquid coatings (paints, adhesives, mold releases and slip coatings) into recessed and hidden areas on a variety of substrates.

Turbo Spray Custom Spray Gun

Low-Pressure Spray Application Guns
Turbo Spray manufactures its own line of low pressure liquid (paint, mold release, or adhesives) spray application guns, flow meters, and small paint systems that incorporate robotics.Typically, the company's guns spray at about 5-7 psi for reduced overspray against other typical low pressure guns that normally spray at 30-40 psi.

Product Categories of Turbo Spray

Painting Equipment, electrostatic spray