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Wheelabrator EXZ blast wheels

Blast Wheels Designed for Longer Wear in Heavy-Duty Applications
Evolved from its EZEFit blast wheels, Wheelabrator’s EZX wheels features thicker, redesigned blades for easy assembly and longer wear life in heavy-duty foundry applications.

Roll Conveyor Blast Systems
The Wheelabrator Roll Conveyor Shotblast system has been specifically developed to provide surface preparation solutions for the fabrication industry.

Rotating Blast Machine
The WS 4/210 Spinner Hanger machine from Wheelabrator offers a solution for cleaning paint hooks and preparing cavernous and odd-shaped parts that don’t adapt easily to batch machine processing.

Airblast Etching System
Wheelabrator has designed and manufactured an automated airblast etching system for pressure plate manufacturing.

Wire Mesh Belt
The Wheelabrator® Wire Mesh Belt is said to be the widest wire mesh belt build by the company to date and it boasts a 60X5-inch high work envelope.

Spinner Hanger
The WS 4/210 Spinner Hanger offers a solution for the cleaning and preparation of cavernous and odd shaped parts that do not adapt easily to batch machine processing.

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Abrasive Blasting Equipment, dry
Deburring Equipment
Deburring Equipment, abrasive flow
Dust Collectors, Dust-Control Systems
Filter Media for Dust Collectors
Nozzles, abrasive blasting
Shot-Peening Equipment and Supplies