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Microfiltration Systems
Siemens Water Technologies’ Memtek microfiltration systems incorporate cross-flow tubular membranes to remove precipitated contaminants and produce a filtrate suitable for discharge or as pretreatment feed for reuse.

Filtration Product Handbook
This handbook features the company's filtration products, which includes filters, housings and systems for a range of heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications.

All metals' cadmium

Metal Recovery and Wastewater Reduction Using Electrowinning
Merit Partnership pollution prevention project for finishers...

Product Categories of Siemens Water Technologies, Engineered Products

Filtration Equipment, solution
Pollution Control Equipment, chemical destruction
Pollution Control Equipment, electrolytic recovery
Pollution Control Equipment, ion exchange
Pollution Control Equipment, membrane filtration
Pollution Control Equipment, reverse-osmosis
Pollution Control Equipment, sludge concentration/conversion
Waste-Recycling Services