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REACH Compliance

Ask Uyemura About its European REACH-compliant Solutions from Umicore: Miralloy, Arguna Series, Palluna Series, Rhoduna Series and Sealing 691.

A Message from Uyemura International

Arguna 630 Hard Silver Gold Replacement

For decorative use, Arguna 630 fine silver electrolyte will deposit thick, bright silver layers; relative to technical applications, it has excellent electrical, bonding and soldering characteristics and a hardness range of 120 HV to 130 HV.

KHW-NC (“no cyanide”)

This neutral pH, semi-bright alkaline copper plates directly onto aluminum, and aluminum alloys with less than 1% silicon.

Cyanide-free Miralloy

Cyanide-free Miralloy is the ultimate barrier for gold over-plate.

KHW Antique-Nickel

KHW Antique-Nickel deposits a thin, bright layer of nickel the color of anthracite onto copper, brass, nickel, silver or tin.

Auruna 311 Hard Gold Electrolyte

Auruna 311 was engineered for the direct gold plating of tungsten, stainless steel, nickel and other difficult-to-plate substrates.

Arguna 621 Bright Silver Electrolyte

Arguna 621 deposits very light, bright white coatings without a blue cast.

Black Nickel Plating

BlackNight Produces the deepest black, with exceptional hardness and high density topography.

CL-NC Copper Plates Directly on Aluminum

CL-NC Alkaline Copper is the first-ever solution for direct plating on aluminum.

Organic Nanotechnology Process Preserves Metal Brightness Indefinitely, Allows Reductions in Precious Metal Use

Sealing 691 preserves metal brightness indefinitely, also seals thin gold's inherent porosity Organic nanotechnology process has a short dwell time - as little as 4 seconds, compared to competitive products at approximately 30 seconds – and is ideally suited to reel-to-reel processing.

CL Satin Nickel is ideal for automotive applications

CL Satin Nickel produces fine crystalline nickel deposits, even on polished base materials.

MMO Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes

Metal oxide anodes are manufactured from precious iridium and ruthenium oxides, sometimes combined with non-precious tantalum and titanium oxides.

Uyemura and Europlasma NV have brought advanced vacuum plasma treatment technology (Nanofics) to North America.

This low pressure plasma technology allows EMS companies to apply conformal coatings to electronic components, and most notably, to fully assembled products such as headsets, hearing aids and mobile phones.

NEW Nickel-Phos Electrolytes Debut

Two important new Niphos electrolytes both generate huge energy savings as EN replacements, and exhibit less internal stress compared with existing Niphos electrolytes.

ANP Electroless Nickel Plating for Aluminum

Uyemura’s electroless nickel plating for aluminum provides excellent adhesion through at least six MTOs.

Tin Whiskers Mitigation

GRX-70 high-speed electrolytic plating process prevents whiskers formation in electroplated tin for at least 22,000 hours.

As Seen In Products Finishing

Uyemura's Pat Valentine Earns Degree in Quality Systems Management
Received Doctorate from New England College of Business.

Uyemura Niphos 968 Features Corrosion Resistance
Uyemura will showcase a number of products at SUR/FIN 2019, including Arguna 630, Miralloy and Semi-bright alkaline copper.

The Mechanism of Nickel Corrosion in ENEPIG Deposits and How to Mitigate It
The incident of nickel corrosion in ENEPIG multilayers (electroless nickel, electroless palladium and immersion gold) was brought to light after it was observed during the analysis of gold wire bond lifts.

Direct Copper Metallization of Aluminum: Elimination of Zincate
This article discusses the development of a new copper plating bath that can deposit high ductility copper metal directly on a wide range of aluminum alloy substrates.  The process is particularly important for general metal finishing companies looking to plate aluminum parts for aerospace industry.

Uyemura Arguna 630 hard silver electrolyte

Uyemura Showcasing Hard Silver, Cyanide-free, Other Plating
Uyemura will showcase a number of products at Sur/Fin 18, including Arguna 630, a hard silver electrolyte with hardness of 120-130 HV, well-suited for high-stress electromechanical components.

tony and mary anne revier

Uyemura CEO Tony Revier Honored for Service, Contributions
Revier was honored as one of the the University of La Verne’s 125 Most Notable Graduates at a ceremony commemorating its 125th anniversary. The awards were presented by university President Devorah Lieberman to alumni based on four criteria. 

man getting award

Read the Interview: Uyemura's Tony Revier
Revier, who was attending IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries gathering in Washington, D.C. for IMPACT Washington, D.C. 2017 to advocate for a pro-growth, pro-advanced-manufacturing policy agenda.

plated electronics

Electronic Plating: OutREACH or OverREACH?
U.S. chemical companies can benefit from compliance with the European regulation.

Donald Walsh, Uyemura International Corp.

A Conversation with Don Walsh, Uyemura
Donald Walsh has been with Uyemura International Corp. for 20 years and retires this month as its director of operations. His involvement with the surface finishing industry—and specifically the electronic and circuit board sectors—has been enormous.

What to Consider When Applying a Classic Black Finish
Q. What are the best options for a durable black finish? Uyemura's Rich DePoto answers that question.

New PCB Plating Process Is Reshoring Success for Whelen Engineering
Whelen Engineering was among the thousands of OEMs that sourced its printed circuit boards from Asia until increasing costs led the company to build—greenfield and in-house—America’s first new rigid PCB shop in 15 years.

Nanoscale Sealing Produces Anti-Tarnish Advantage for Electronics
Umicore Sealing 691 leaves technical characteristics unaffected.

The use of insoluble anodes is well established in the acid copper conveyorized equipment.

Vertical Acid Copper Plating for PCB Manufacturing
Developments expand in the world of printed circuit boards.

Uyemura Launches New Electrolytic Nickel Technology
Two new high-speed electrolytes for the electrodeposition of nickel phosphorus are Umicore Niphos 967 and 968.

Bright Lights, Big Finish for Electronics Plater
Wisconsin manufacturer of printed circuit boards for the LED lighting industry and others in the electronics sector has seen business boom in the past few years.


Advanced Plasma Technology is Focus of Uyemura Partnership
Uyemura International Corp. (Southington, Conn.) and Europlasma NV (Oudenaarde, Belgium) have formed a partnership to bring advanced vacuum plasma treatment technology (Nanofics) to electronic manufacturing companies and board-makers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

interior of a jet

When Plating Meets the Jet Set
Houston plater specializes in finishing private aircraft interiors; company offers more than 130 standard finishes and unlimited custom-matching capabilities.

microscopic surface irregularities

Smooth Finish
Satin nickel scores in auto and other applications

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