Vertec BioSolvents, Inc.

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Environmentally Friendly Replacement for NMP
Vertec BioSolvents Inc has introduced the new ELSOL-NMPR blend, an environmentally and employee-friendly replacement for N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP).  It has been discovered that the biobased replacement has a similar physical properties to that of NMP used in the coatings market.

Cleaner to Replace Toluene
Vertec BioSolvents has released its new ELSOL-LQ blend.

Product Categories of Vertec BioSolvents, Inc.

Chemical Coatings
Cleaning Chemicals, aqueous
Parts Washers, mechanically agitated
Pumps, paint
Solvent Stills and Recovery Equipment
Solvents, degreasing
Solvents, mask washing
Spray-Gun Washers
Washers, small parts