Water Innovations, Inc.

350 Engel St.
Escondido, CA 92029 US


Product Categories of Water Innovations, Inc.

Consultants, independent, water pollution control
Controls, alkalinity regulation
Controls, effluent monitoring
Controls, pH
Controls, rinse tank concentration
Deionizers, Demineralizers
Distillation Equipment
Dragout Solution Evaporators
Filter Media for Liquids: bags, cartridges and rolls
Filter Presses
Filtration Equipment, solution
Flow Meters, liquid
Mixers, Stirrers
Pollution Control Chemicals, chromium reduction
Pollution Control Chemicals, cyanide oxidation
Pollution Control Chemicals, heavy-metal removal
Pollution Control Chemicals, sulfide precipitation
Pollution Control Equipment, activated carbon absorption
Pollution Control Equipment, chemical destruction
Pollution Control Equipment, electrolytic recovery
Pollution Control Equipment, evaporative recovery
Pollution Control Equipment, ion exchange
Pollution Control Equipment, membrane filtration
Pollution Control Equipment, reverse-osmosis
Pollution Control Equipment, sludge concentration/conversion
Pollution Control Systems Engineering, water
Programmable Controllers
Pumps for Chemical Service
Pumps, chemical additive
Resins, ion exchange
Ultrafiltration Equipment
Waste-Disposal Service
Waste-Recycling Services
Water-Softening Equipment