National Surface Finishing Day 2021

National Surface Finishing Day will be celebrated March 3. The annual event is a way to showcase the industry to local trade schools, businesses, officials and media, as well as to celebrate employees and staff.
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February 2021 Issue: Aerospace

Products Finishing looks into how coaters and finishers enable the aerospace industry, what trends and technology are emerging and more in February 2021.

A Conversation with Sheila LaMothe

Sheila LaMothe, executive director of the CCAI Finishing Education Foundation, discusses educational opportunities within the finishing industry and the foundation’s overarching mission.

2021 Top Shops Benchmarking Opens

Beginning in 2021, the Tops Shops program will allow survey values to be compared to a larger, cumulative database of results, expanding the benefits of participation.
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January 2021 Issue: The Changing Landscape of Automotive

The January 2021 issue of Products Finishing puts focus on coating and finishing for the automotive market.


A Focus on Heavy Castings

Winona Powder Coating invests in heavy-duty line and electrocoating to serve agricultural, industrial markets.
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Liquid Coating

December Issue: Agricultural, Industrial Markets

The December issue of Products Finishing puts focus on coating and finishing in the agricultural and industrial markets.
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Wireless Carrier Fleet Provides Modular Overhead Conveyance

Wireless, modular conveyor system provides flexibility and scalability for carrying parts through finishing processes.

November Issue: Focus on Medical

The November 2020 issue of Products Finishing focuses on coating and finishing in the medical industry. 

Liquid Coating

PPG Coatings Used for Raiders' Allegiant Stadium

PPG has provided an extensive roster of coatings to protect Las Vegas’s new Allegiant Stadium and enhance its appearance.