Liquid Coating

Wheels of Fortune For a Florida Coater

Once a supplier to international companies, a Florida manufacturer now makes and coats its own aftermarket wheels after it discovered that 80 percent of the aftermarket wheel manufacturing business that used to be done in the U.S. is done overseas, and often not very well.
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Parts Cleaning

MAXimizing Coating Opportunities

Chuck Gault had no plans to expand his Birmingham, Ala., company, Max Coating, to a second location more than 140 miles away in the heart of Atlanta until his employees stepped up and urged him to make the expansion a reality.
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Finishing Brands Hosts Three-Day Symposium in Toledo

Topics included automotive, industrial and medical coatings from industry experts and from DeVilbiss, Ransburg, BGK and Binks company executives.
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Plater Grows Bigger in Texas With Oil, Gas Customers

Schumacher Industries expands to fill oil, gas finishing needs in Texas.
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Caterpillar Is Back on the Coatings Prowl

Caterpillar has been developing and applying advanced wear coatings to extend the service life and performance of its machine components, whether new or remanufactured, for decades. Now Caterpillar’s advanced wear coatings are available to others through Cat Remanufacturing, including turnkey coating and finishing.
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Cyklos Building a Better Finishing Machine

Tornos rolls out its turnkey surface finishing machine, Cyklos, a self-contained apparatus that enables machining shops to integrate wet electrochemical or chemical surface processing into their manufacturing line. SEE THE VIDEO

Powder Coating

The Powder Coating Process

Powder coating is one of the most durable finishes that can be applied to industrial manufactured products, and offers excellent corrosion protection and is very safe because of its lack of volatile organic compounds.
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