Sky’s the Limit in Aerospace

California’s EME Inc. and its owner both have thrived, despite regulatory challenges.
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Parts Cleaning

Thin-Film Technology Powers Wisconsin Powder Coater

Basic American Medical Products uses a phosphorus-free pretreatment to improve first-pass-product yield and performance durability.


How to Read Your Top Shops Customized Benchmarking Report

Video from Michael Guckes from Gardner Intelligence explains how to read and understand your Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking custom reports you received if you took part in the recent survey.
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Expansion Drives KC Jones Plating

After 60+ years of operation, the electroplater continues to grow, with facilities in Michigan, Indiana and now Mexico.


An Electropolishing Family Affair

Mother and daughter team up to run a Brooklyn finishing shop that focuses on the medical sector.

Liquid Coating

Energy Coatings Withstand Time, Corrosion

The Z-Pex multi-layer system battles harsh oil and gas chemicals.


Ecoat Express Revolutionizes GE Locomotives

GE Transportation adds an electrocoat system to ease manufacturing bottlenecks with the help of savvy suppliers who know how to get the project done.


Check Out What's In Store at Ecoat18

Discover what electrocoating can bring to a finishing operation by watching this promotional video for Ecoat18, which will take place at the Electrocoat Conference, April 24-26 at Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort, Tampa Bay Area, Florida.


The $178 Billion Plating Shop

Go inside the Plate Manufacturing Division of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s picturesque building at 14th Street SW in Washington, D.C. The BEP is this nation’s sole producer of U.S. paper currency, also known as Federal Reserve Notes.

Powder Coating

Electrocoat Primer Takes Off in Aerospace

PPG’s Aerocron electrocoat system tops our list of the finishing products highlighted in 2017.