Understanding the Anodic Oxide Finish – The First Commercially Available Nanoscale Coating

Dr. Jude M. Runge is the 2020 recipient of the NASF William Blum Scientific Achievement Award.  The COVID-19 crisis and the cancellation of SUR/FIN 2020 have affected the timing of the formal award and her delivery of the William Blum Lecture.  To honor her properly now, it is timely to publish one of her earlier papers, showing the caliber of her work.  Here, she notes that nanomaterials, nanotechnology and nanoprocessing are the marketing buzzwords for the 21st century, stressing that, after all, conventional anodizing processes yield a nanoscale finish.  Armed with this knowledge, the ease, reliability and reproducibility of the anodic finish enable insights into new applications.
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AOTCO Metal Finishing Acquires Plating for Electronics

AOTCO Metal Finishing has acquired Plating for Electronics, allowing clients of either firm to now make use of the capabilities of both.


September Issue: On the Rise

Products Finishing’s September issue covers lean manufacturing during a pandemic, vapor degreasing, the story behind a new Vegas-based anodizing facility, and much more.
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Vegas Anodizing Facility on the Rise

After losing her husband to cancer in 2019, Vegas Metal Finishing president Jessica Famiglietti carries his vision for a new anodizing business to bright beginnings. 


Valence Surface Technologies Wins Multiple Space-Industry Approvals

The company will be offering special process services related to components that go into Earth’s orbit and beyond.

Powder Coating

Top Shops Executive Summit: An Exchange of Finishing Industry Ideas and Best Practices

This year’s inaugural Top Shops Executive Summit offers an opportunity for shop owners, executives and managers in the finishing industry to gather for networking and ideation.
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Tips for Optimizing or Expanding Your Anodizing Line

Jim Acquaviva, director of business development for Technic Equipment, offers advice for assessing areas of process improvement for anodizing operations, outlining helpful steps for an end-user self-assessment.

Coronavirus Coverage

2020 Anodizing Conference Converts to Online Event

Due to concerns and restrictions surround the COVID-19 pandemic, the AAC has made the decision to convert the 2020 Anodizing Conference into a live virtual event in October.


AES Research Project #41: Plating on Anodized Aluminum; Part 3: Pore Structure and Bonding

The effect of anodizing voltage on the adhesion of nickel electrodeposited on anodized aluminum is related to the morphology of the anodic film.  In general, adhesion is a linear function of the applied anodizing voltage.  New data on the initial stages of pore formation during anodizing indicate that: (1) that the growth mechanism during the initial stage (< 10 sec) differs from that during subsequent growth, (2) there is no metallic bonding and (3) electrodeposited nickel coatings typically fill the entire pore.
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AES Research Project #41: Part 4: Adhesion Failure of Electrodeposited Coatings on Anodized Aluminum Alloys

An SEM study of peel-test adhesion specimens from plated coatings on anodized aluminum shows that failure can be categorized in three different modes: (1) specimens exhibiting poor adhesion strength, which fail at the anodic film/coating interface; (2) specimens with good adhesion strength, which fail by local fracture of the anodic film and (3) specimens with excellent adhesion strength , which fail when the applied load is greater than the strength of the alloy substrate.  The effect of anodizing parameters and alloy composition on peel test failure are discussed.
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