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Published: 5/3/2013

“Water-Break-Free” Test
What is a “water-break failure” test?

Published: 4/29/2013

Sealing Parts After Two Months
Is it possible and practical to seal hardcoat anodized (Type III) parts that have been in storage for about two months?

Published: 4/22/2013

Anodize Cooling System Design
What material would you recommend for the chilling system that I need to install for my anodizing tank, which has a capacity of 1,800 L (475 gal)? Can I go for Type 316 stainless steel or copper pipe with lead plating?

Published: 2/7/2013

Pink Coating on BSA Parts
I understand that iron and poor current can cause a pink coating on boric-sulfuric anodized (BSA) parts. What levels of iron are permissible before reaching the pink-colored coating? Are there any other things we could be missing?

Published: 2/1/2013

Chemical Film Staining
What technique is used to avoid staining on aluminum parts when chemical film per Mil-C-5541 is applied?

Published: 1/28/2013

Critical Holes Out of Tolerance
The aerospace detail parts we send out for anodizing are often coated with a chemical film (Alodine) to aid in the application of masking. When the Alodine is dissolved before anodizing, the precise diameters of holes are often eroded oversize, whic...

Published: 11/7/2012

Parts Burning During Hard Anodizing
What could cause parts to burn during hard anodizing?

Published: 10/31/2012

Rinsing Blind Holes Prior to Dying
I have problems with leaching from blind holes in black anodized parts.

Published: 10/24/2012

Anodizing: Current Density vs. Voltage
Can you detail the procedure for anodizing using the current density method? What are the quality advantages for us to completely change our processing technique?

Published: 8/6/2012

Titrating Sulfuric Acid Anodizing Baths
Do you have a recommended analytical method to determine the sulfuric and aluminum concentrations in sulfuric anodizing solutions?