Makeover Reaps Rewards for New Mexico’s Theta Plate

Shop worked with New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a nonprofit that trains manufacturers in lean principles and value stream mapping.


An Improvement in the Zincate Method for Plating on Aluminum

Investigations were conducted into the sodium zincate solution used for treating aluminum prior to its being plated.  Measurements of the adhesion of the nickel plate to aluminum and its alloys were done to check the effect of modifications made to this solution.
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Groups Create Joint Research Lab and Technology Platform

Joint ventures focus on improving surface treatments to help make aerospace more efficient, safer, quieter and faster.
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Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF Leadership Summit and Golf Outing

The Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF will host a Leadership Summit and golf outing August 21-24 at Pheasant Run Resort in Saint Charles, Illinois.
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Dörken MKS Provides Optimum Screw Connections Thanks to Delta-Lube 50 Lubricant

Colorless lubricant has properties of a topcoat, but also increases the corrosion protection and influences both the coefficients of friction and thread-forming torque.


Beyond Ni/Au: Next Generation Corrosion-Resistant Finishes for Electronics Applications

This paper describes several next-generation approaches to increasing the corrosion-resistance of electroplated articles using various methods in the search for finishes to replace the Ni/Au industry standard.
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Toward Automatic Control of Nickel Plating Processes

Technological advances in electronics manufacturing and the design of automobiles have brought about a trend toward very narrow specifications and increasingly stringent requirements on the quality of electrodeposited layers of nickel.
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Self-Induced Repair of Printed Circuit Boards

This is a re-publication of the 1992 AESF Gold Medal Award paper for best paper published in Plating & Surface Finishing in 1991.  It introduces a then-new technique for repairing near-opens (constrictions) in the wiring on printed circuit boards has been developed.
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Surface Finishing in the 2000s - As Predicted in 1992

In the December 1992 issue of Plating and Surface Finishing, a series of articles was published, predicting the future of the global surface finishing industry in the 21st century, then due to arrive in less than a decade.
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Asterion's Zinc Systems Provide Corrosion Resistance

Designed for white corrosion and red rust resistance.