Coventya Announces Organizational Changes

Mike Kelly named president as company is adopting a regional-type management structure.

Liquid Coating

Elcometer Names Research Director

Paul King leads research and development team.


Improved Process Capabilities for Groove Repair

Advanced selective plating techniques have been developed for the challenging application of repairing internal grooves that have experienced severe corrosion.  Many groove configurations require uniform, high-thickness deposition of a plated deposit onto any, or all, of the surfaces with a minimal need for intermediate machining steps.  This paper demonstrates how a combination of an engineered, wrap-less anode design along with optimized computer controlled operating parameters has led to reduced downtime, high quality and repeatable selective plating repairs.
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Measuring Hardness and Wear in Electroless Nickel Coatings

Rich O’Brien from Bales Metal Surface Solutions says advances in coatings science have led to the development of multiple choices for surface finishes beyond hard chrome and electroless nickel.


Steps to Take Control of Wastewater Treatment

Finishing operations should consider their environmental impact and other motivating factors, beyond mere compliance.
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Acquisitions Spur Lincoln Industries' Continued Growth

The acquisitions of Southwest Metal Finishing/Inventix Mfg. and SourceOne propels finishing giant.


Dynapower's Multiunit Rectifier Controller Consolidates Power Controls

Unit can control between one and 10 rectifiers from a single, user-friendly touchscreen that can be centrally located in any facility.


Minding Your Own Business

The Products Finishing Top Shops Executive Summit in October 2020 will give you that opportunity.
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Fixing Salt Spray Failures After Passivating, Baking

This is a common challenge faced by many acid zinc platers who Mark Adams from Columbia Chemical says perform hydrogen embrittlement relief on acid zinc plated fasteners.


Index Experiences Accelerating Contraction

September Finishing Index is 46.4, posting a third month of contracting activity.