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Published: 2/11/2020

Norton Buffing Wheels Eliminate Need for Buffing Compound
Fixed Abrasive Buff wheels are tear resistant, waterproof and durable, providing significantly longer life than traditional cotton buffs. 

Published: 1/30/2020

Cortec's Ecoline 3690 Part of USDA Biopreferred Program
Ecoline 3690 is USDA approved for biobased, biodegradable temporary rust prevention for outdoor protection.

Published: 1/30/2020

Rex-Cut's Grinding Wheels Designed for Pipe Welding
Velocity pipeliner and the grinding wheel designed for rugged applications.

Published: 1/29/2020

Hy-Tech Grinders Have High Power-to-Weight Ratios
Heavy-duty industrial air grinders offer power ranges from .5hp to 4 hp.

Published: 1/21/2020

Process Technology's XC Heat Exchanger Has High-Flow Capability
Unit delivers an ultra-high-purity, compact, high-flow heat exchanger with precise and stable heat transfer while reducing fluid pressure drop.

Published: 10/2/2019

Intelligent Calendar Assists in EHS Compliance
Environmental compliance calendar gives businesses a personalized calendar for EHS reporting.

Published: 9/8/2019

Wheelabrator Skew Roll Machine Removes Rust, Scale
Cylindrical parts are conveyed through a blast machine on a specially designed skew roll-type material handling system. 

Published: 9/8/2019

W Abrasives' Clean Tool Provides Fast, Accurate Blasting Assessment
  Company manufactures variety of steel shot and grit abrasives.  

Published: 9/8/2019

Sweco Finishing Mills Provide 3D Motion
Vibro-energy finishing mills have compressive scrubbing action that cleans, deburrs, rounds sharp corners and smooths out surface impressions. 

Published: 9/8/2019

Nordic Air Filtration Features Online Customer Portal
It manufactures filters for dust collectors, powder coating booths and panel filters for laser cutting machines.