Parts Cleaning

Eductors Enable Smaller Pumps to Circulate Large Volumes

Bex says its eductors take advantage of the surrounding liquid to create a high-velocity flow yield at the diffuser, circulating as much as five times the pump output with a discharge plume broader than the jet from a solid stream nozzle of equivalent energy.

Parts Cleaning

Chemistry/Equipment Combo Eliminates Spray Washer Discharge

Houghton International combines chemistry and equipment to eliminate process water discharge from its spray washers, enabling customers to avoid wastewater permitting, notice of effluent violations and cost associated with excessive water usage.

Parts Cleaning

Process Removes Paint from Hooks, Racks, Part Rejects

Atotech’s Master Remover 7000 is said to be a highly efficient and sustainable paint-removal process.

Parts Cleaning

Process Control System Designed for Metal Pretreatment Lines

Henkel’s Bonderite E-CO DMC is a multichannel process control system that enables running of a complex chemical process cascade with multiple stages in metal pretreatment production lines.

Parts Cleaning

Ultrasonic Agitation Cleaner Removes Supports from 3D-Printed Parts

Omegasonics’ 815BTX dual-tank benchtop ultrasonic cleaning machine eliminates the need to have two separate cleaning machines to remove supports that require chemicals vs. those that do not.

Parts Cleaning

Webpage Highlights Critical Cleaning Lab Services

MicroCare Corp. provides both off-the-shelf products and customized cleaning fluids tailored to meet specific needs.

Vacuum/Vapor Coating

Vacuum Process Cleans Parts Using Bubble Action

Vacuum Processing Systems’ Vacuum Cycle Nucleation (VCN) is an immersion process suited to both aqueous and solvent-based cleaning.

Parts Cleaning

Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Systems Compatible with Caustic Chemicals

An optional stainless steel package on the GMC series ultrasonic cleaning systems allows chemical compatibility with aggressive caustic and acidic agents.

Parts Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines Handle 3D-Printed Parts

1900BTX ultrasonic cleaning machines feature two cleaning technologies: a water agitation cleaning process and ultrasonic cavitation, each operating independently to facilitate a thorough, yet gentle, cleaning process.

Parts Cleaning

Return-to-Operator Parts Washer Designed for Robot Interface

The Renegade I-Series RTOcarousel parts washer is designed for precision cleaning and drying of industrial components without solvents, resulting in lower environmental impact, increased automation and reduced labor costs.