Parts Cleaning

Linde CO2 Dry Ice System Cleans without Solvents

The Cryoclean Snow cleaning system uses compressed air and a high-pressure nozzle to eject a stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) dry ice particles and remove dirt and surface residues from plastic parts prior to painting.

Parts Cleaning

Exair Stainless Steel Blow-off Nozzles Resist Corrosion, Heat

These 1/8 NPT stainless steel nozzles replace open tubes and pipe nipples on parts cleaning, drying and cooling operations.

Parts Cleaning

A Brite to Highlight Solutions for Cleaning, Finishing, Wastewater Treatment

A Brite says its exhibit at Sur/Fin 2018 will encompass the three areas in which it provides products and services: cleaning, surface finishing and wastewater treatment.
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Parts Cleaning

Acid Pickle Cleaner Cuts Rust, Oxide Scale on Steel

Henkel’s Bonderite C-IC 182C metal cleaner is suited for both hot- and cold-rolled steel, and can be used as a conventional pretreatment spray or on an immersion line.

Parts Cleaning

Solution Removes Metalworking Oils, Inhibits Rust

Kyzen’s Metalnox M6324CP is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner can remove difficult soils including carbon smut and chlorinated oils.

Parts Cleaning

pH-Neutral Activator Removes Rust, Oxide Films

SurTec 414 cleans ferrous metals and aluminum as effectively as mineral acids.

Parts Cleaning

Rust Preventive Safe for Ferrous and Copper Metals

Containing no oil or solvents, Compound RP-99S from Madison Chemical is a water-based rust preventive that can be applied to previously cleaned parts by immersion, manual spray or recirculated spray methods.

Parts Cleaning

Guide Helps Plan for New Equipment

Cleaning Technologies Group’s free “Planning for New Cleaning Equipment” guide is designed to help engineers and purchasing managers select the right parts cleaning equipment and then prepare to integrate that equipment in their processes and facilities.

Pollution Control

Chemical-Resistant Canopy Hoods Capture Fumes

Hemco manufactures a variety of canopy hoods designed to capture and exhaust fumes or steam that are corrosive, heated or of a noxious odor.
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Parts Cleaning

Water-based Shop Primer Inhibits Rust on Steel Surfaces

PPG’s Aquacron 834 is a water-based industrial shop primer designed to inhibit rust in steel applications.