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AES Research Project #16: Final Report (1965) On the Mechanism of Metal Electrocrystallization

Under Research Project #16 of the American Electroplaters’ Society, the mechanism and kinetics of metal electrocrystallization were studied at the University of Pennsylvania from 1955 to 1965.  What follows is the final summary paper of the project work.  In these studies, electrochemical techniques are combined with the continuous observation in situ of the growing electrodeposit on various crystal planes of copper.  

Direct Copper Metallization of Aluminum: Elimination of Zincate

This article discusses the development of a new copper plating bath that can deposit high ductility copper metal directly on a wide range of aluminum alloy substrates.  The process is particularly important for general metal finishing companies looking to plate aluminum parts for aerospace industry.


How Trivalent Chrome Compares to Hexavalent

Columbia Chemical’s Mark Schario explains how the performance of trivalent chromium compares to hexavalent chromium, and what is needed to make the change to tri-chrome plating.

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Sur/Fin Products on Display - Chemistry-2

Here’s a look at what will be on display from some of the top chemical suppliers at this year’s Sur/Fin conference, to be held June 4-6 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Penblade Safety Blades for Industrial Masking

High-quality safety blades that meets the needs for modern industrial workplaces, especially in masking procedures.

Bowman Supplies Goddard Space Flight Center With XRF Technology

At Goddard, the Model P will precisely analyze ENIG, ENEPIG and alloys on printed circuit boards.