The Nucleation Dependent Growth Layer: A Structure Element in Electrocrystallization - The 10th William Blum Lecture

This paper is a re-publication of the 10th William Blum Lecture, presented at the 56th AES Annual Convention in Detroit, Michigan, on June 16, 1969.
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Some Contributions of U.S. Supply Houses to Plating Science and Technology - The 11th William Blum Lecture

This paper is a re-publication of the 11th William Blum Lecture, presented at the 57th AES Annual Convention in Montréal, Québec, on June 22, 1970. The origins of several developments in the plating field are reviewed, showing why and how the processes and concepts evolved, with particular attention to inside stories and the people concerned.
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The Study of Copper Anodes in Acid and Cyanide Plating Baths

The 1956 Carl E. Huessner Gold Medal Award was given to Charles Faust and William H Safranek for Best Paper appearing in Plating or the AES Technical Proceedings in 1955, and their paper is republished here in a series on the AES/AESF/NASF Best Paper Awards. Their work involves an evaluation of anodes for copper plating at the time when OFHC anodes were first emerging in use.
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The Characterization of the Stannous Chloride/ Palladium Chloride Catalysts for Electroless Plating

The paper is a 1975 study of just how the tin chloride / palladium chloride system worked for plated plastics, and which systems were most effective in doing the job.
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Electrodeposition of Ni-Fe-Mo-W Alloys - Part 10

Tenth Quarterly Report - AESF Research Project #R-117. This NASF-AESF Foundation research project report covers the tenth quarter of project work (April-June 2015). In this period, Graduate student Avinash Kola has continued work on the influence of deposition conditions on the properties of the Ni-W alloys.
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80 Years Helping Finishers

Our readers share how Products Finishing has helped their careers as the magazine celebrates its 80th year covering the finishing industry.
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Pollution Control

Celebrating the First 80 Years

Oak is the traditional gift for someone turning 80 years old, as it symbolizes longevity and strength, two hallmarks of what we feel our magazine has been with the surface finishing industry since its debut in 1936.
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Better Alloy Control of Alkaline Zinc Nickel Baths

The factors that influence nickel content in deposits from alkaline non-cyanide zinc nickel baths.
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Differences in Masking and Plug Materials

Q. Can you explain the differences between masking caps and plugs?
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Surface Finishing Mexico Holds Second Show

Mexican Association for Surface Finishing expects 2,000 visitors.
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