Pollution Control

The Pollution Control Zone is a library of environmental health and safety issues for the surface finishing industry. From air to water pollution, this site-within-a-site is your ultimate resource for EH&S articles, regulation updates, suppliers and products. 

Southern California Platers Facing Lower Air Emission Standards

MFASC meeting with the South Coast Air Quality Management District over proposed lower emission levels for hexavalent chromium.

Surface Finishing Mexico Holds Second Show

Mexican Association for Surface Finishing expects 2,000 visitors.


Dielectric Testing to Determine Tank Leaks

Goad CEO Curtis Goad suggests using dielectric testing, more commonly known as “spark testing,” to detect pinholes in containment systems.

How to Combat Roughness in Cyanide Copper Bath

Q. We have been experiencing roughness in our cyanide copper bath. What should we be looking at to fix this? Plating expert Adam Blakeley has the answer. 

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Bumper Crop for Valley Chrome

Once an exclusive plating operation, the California company has transformed into one of the largest manufacturers of accessories for the automobile and trucking industry, selling about 50,000 bumpers per year.

Preformed Spray Scrubber Simultaneously Removes Solid, Gas Particulates

Bionomic Industries’ Series 9000 preformed spray scrubber is designed to simultaneously remove solid and gaseous particulates from dryers and other processing operations.

Agmet to Help Customers Implement New EPA Tracking Program

Agmet is preparing to help its customers comply with a new program for tracking hazardous waste shipments that it expected to be implemented by the U.S. EPA this summer.