Powder Coating

Spray Equipment Engineered for Durability

FABTECH 2020: Sata spray guns are designed for quality, durability, high transfer efficiency and superior atomization, and are easy to clean and maintain.


Therma-Tron-X Offers Wireless Conveyor System

FABTECH 2020: The Automated Conveyor Carrier (ACC) is a material handling system which utilizes a wireless network to send instructions to carriers throughout a paint line, providing point-to-point movement for small to large parts.

Liquid Coating

Graco’s HydroShield Designed for Transfer Efficiency

FABTECH 2020: Graco's Hydroshield spray packages include manual electrostatic air spray or air-assist guns, controller interface and high-performing pumps.

Powder Coating

GFS Booths Engineered for Precision Finishes

FABTECH 2020: Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) paint and powder coating booths are designed and manufactured to achieve superior liquid and powder coating finishes.


George Koch Sons Customizes Surface Finishing Systems

FABTECH 2020: Company — and divisions PriceWalgren and Jessup — designs, manufactures and installs custom surface finishing equipment for a variety of applications.

Liquid Coating

Carlisle Finishing Equipment Applies, Meters, Cures

FABTECH 2020: Carlisle Fluid Technologies manufactures equipment for the supply, application and curing of sprayed materials, including paints, coatings, powders, mastics and bonding materials

Parts Cleaning

LPI's Enclosed Blast Lift System Protectors Operators

FABTECH 2020: Enclosed Blast Lift system includes an operator cab that protects operators from the elements and hazards of blast media and blast booth environment. 

Liquid Coating

Lesta Offers Self-Learning Robotic Painting, Finishing

FABTECH 2020: Lesta USA’s robotic painting systems mirror intricate human movements without complicated programming or teach pendants.

Powder Coating

IntelliFinishing Coating Systems Feature Smart Controls

FABTECH 2020: IntelliFinishing provides flexible automated powder coating and liquid paint systems for manufacturers, custom coaters and fabricators.

Powder Coating

Elcometer Oven Logger Optimizes Curing Process

FABTECH 2020: The 215 Oven Logger offers advanced software functionality for coating and curing processes.