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Electroplated Rhenium Proves a Surprising Superconductor

The process paves the road for the next critical steps in the development of cutting-edge supercomputers.

How Dissolved Aluminum in Low Caustic Etch Baths Affects Acid-Etched Surfaces

Decreasing the concentration of aluminum in the low caustic step can also lead to problems such as preferential etching.

Converting to Trivalent Chrome from Hexavalent

Although this requires an initial time and cost investment, Columbia Chemical’s Mark Schario says the benefits of trivalent over hexavalent quickly and increasingly overcome the drawbacks.


Removing Heavy Metals from Wastewater

The removal of soluble heavy metal ions from wastewater is a common industrial treatment requirement in modern manufacturing.
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Sur/Fin Products on Display - Chemistry-2

Here’s a look at what will be on display from some of the top chemical suppliers at this year’s Sur/Fin conference, to be held June 4-6 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Emergency Decontamination Booths Come Fully Assembled

Hemco Corp.’s emergency shower booths are molded from one-piece, seamless, chemical-resistant fiberglass and are equipped with a pull-rod-activated shower and push-handle eye/face wash for immediately drenching of personnel that have been exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Density Meter Monitors, Controls Bath Concentration

The Density Analytics SGU-100 density meter can provide in-tank automatic, real time, measure, monitor, and control of the bath concentration specific gravity/liquid density of a process liquid media.