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An Improvement in the Zincate Method for Plating on Aluminum

Originally published in 1965, investigations were conducted into the sodium zincate solution used for treating aluminum prior to its being plated.  Measurements of the adhesion of the nickel plate to aluminum and its alloys were done to check the effect of modifications made to this solution.  The properties of the immersion layer, process sequences suitable for various types of alloy and results of corrosion tests on aluminum plated with various nickel and chromium coatings are discussed.

Beyond Ni/Au: Next Generation Corrosion-Resistant Finishes for Electronics Applications

The industry standard of conventional electroplated nickel plus hard gold has served many portions of the electronics plating industry well for several decades, but is now being replaced by alternatives in several applications in order to satisfy new more robust requirements.  This paper describes several next-generation approaches to increasing the corrosion-resistance of electroplated articles using various methods in the search for finishes to replace the Ni/Au industry standard.

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Advancements in Brush Plated Metal Matrix Composites

Finding safer, eco-friendly alternatives to hard chromium plating has been a main driver of brush electroplating research for the last decade.