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Products Finishing magazine is searching for the best-run and most customer-driven electroplating and anodizing operations to give them an award of distinction: the title “Top Shop.” The shops that complete the survey will get a benchmarking report for the industry, plus a Custom Shop Report that details specifically how their shop stacks up against others in the finishing industry

2019 Top Shops Benchmarking Survey for Liquid, Powder Coating Closes May 31

Data from the liquid and powder coating survey gives insight into the best practices of shops throughout North America.

2019 Top Shops Benchmarking Survey Shows Some Improvements and Declines

The Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey was conducted in December 2018, and was the fifth in a series of annual industry surveys. More than 45 metrics were measured in the survey, which included shops from the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Armoloy's New Owners Use Simple Marketing Strategy to Build Electroplating Business

Nolan Hannan and Jacob Meier purchased Armoloy in 2017, and knew they wanted a data-driven shop that they provided information on how well the shop was operating, and where improvements could be made.

Continuous Improvements Drive Elite Metal Finishing

Elite Metal Finishing was singled out for Best Practices in the Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey because of their extremely high detail to quality and customer communication.

American Metal Coatings Tops Out at No. 1 Electroplating Operation

Ohio’s American Metal Coatings is the No. 1 finishing operation in North America based on the Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey.

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Introducing Industry ∞.0. The Future Has No Limit.

We sit at ground zero in time, technology and geography of this fascinating development.

Products Finishing Top Shops Management Stage

Products Finishing will showcase the best-run finishing shops in North America at the Top Shops Management Stage at Sur/Fin, where owners and managers will be on hand to discuss what makes their plating and anodizing operations some of the most efficient and profitable in the business.

2018 Top Shops Benchmarking Survey: Business Strategies

A 98 percent customer retention rate was one reason Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio was selected for distinction in the Finishing Strategies category.