Vacuum/Vapor Coating

Vacuum coatings use technology to create a sub-atmospheric pressure environment and an atomic or molecular condensable vapor source to deposit thin films and coatings. The vapor source may be from a solid or liquid surface (physical vapor deposition - PVD), or from a chemical vapor precursor (chemical vapor deposition - CVD).  

Advances in Decorative PVD Chromium Coatings for Polymer Substrates

Much effort has been invested over the last ten years to produce an environmentally-safe alternative to decorative Cr+6 electroplating of polymer substrates.  Cr+3 is one alternative, but lacks the full wear and color attributes of Cr+6 that surface engineers and designers desire.  This article reviews a two-layer, selective coating process which incorporates a specially developed UV-cured paint base coating with a sub-micron thick PVD chromium top coating.  It illustrates the coating’s testing protocols of automotive manufacturers and the necessities of controlling the stresses within the coating matrix.

Dr. Phil To The Rescue for Electroplaters

Techmetals’ president Phil Brockman is often the last electroplater that some customers visit on their search for solutions to persistent finishing issues or to plate unique parts. But it’s easy to see why most major aerospace, medical, defense, oil/gas, mold shops, and automotive manufacturers end up at Techmetals’ expansive facilities in Dayton, Ohio.

Vacuum Coating

I am interested in coating PVC foam boards with paint. I heard that vacuum coating is a process that will work for this application. Can you direct me to a company that can either supply the equipment to vacuum coat, or provide the service to vacuum coat? Are you aware of any other methods that could be used to coat these boards?

Stripping PVD Coating

Can you give me any suggestions for stripping the gold colored PVD? Alternately can the PVD layer be activated so gold can be plated over it?
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