Automatic Painting


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Q. Our inquiry is about whether we should install an automatic spray coating system for applying a shop primer in our structural steel fabrication facility. This system needs to be able to coat sheet metal and structural profiles in different shapes like I, U and so on. Is automatic coating a satisfactory method to paint these parts or shall we coat them manually? E. K.


A. In general, automatic painting is a satisfactory method for painting sheet metal and structural shapes. However, in your case, the use of automated painting vs. manual painting depends on a number of factors. First, you must contact an equipment supplier to help determine the type of finishing system needed for the parts to be painted. Next, you must make sure you have the room for the automatic finishing line. It will have a conveyor line. If there is not space available for a straight line and it must make turns, you must have room for the turns considering the length of the parts to be painted. Then, you must do an engineering study to determine the cost of purchasing and running an automated system in comparison to your present manual finishing costs. 

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