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Robotic Process Development for Finishers

Norton | Saint-Gobain’s new Abrasive Process Solutions (APS) lab offers path to automation for mechanical finishing processes.

Powder Coating

Axalta Named Preferred Partner in China by Mercedes-Benz

Partners since 2013, Mercedes Benz certifies Axalta as the preferred partner in China until 2024

NASF Releases Public Policy Update for June 2021

The National Association for Surface Finishing has released its monthly Policy Update, summarizing some of the pertinent regulatory developments and new announcements from the month of June.

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ABB PixelPaint Wins IERA Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Robotic painting solution recognized for innovation and environmental benefits by the International Federation of Robotics and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

CARB Issues Revised Deadlines for Hexavalent Chromium Transition

NASF offers an update on the latest developments with the California Air Resources Board proposed rules for hex chrome phase-out.
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Getting in Trouble in Grade School Made Me a Better Executive

Technical education can be the place where the hands-on, kinesthetic, non-classroom learners find their homes.

Mechanical Finishing

A Focus on Automation and Smart Technology

The June 2021 issue of Products Finishing puts a focus on the role automation and Industry 4.0 solutions are currently playing and will continue to play in increasing magnitude in the finishing industry.

On the Line Podcast

PF’s On the Line podcast presents stories from the world of finishing in the voices of those who are in the trenches doing the work. Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

Finishing Index Moderates After Posting March All-Time High

Best Efforts to Increase Output Still Cannot Quell Rising Backlogs


Qualitative Approach to Pulse Plating

In 1986, the AESF published Theory and Practice of Pulse Plating, edited by Jean Claude Puippe and Frank Leaman, the world’s first textbook on pulse plating.  A compendium of chapters written by experts in this then-emerging field, the book quickly became the authoritative text in pulse plating.  What follows here is the opening chapter, serving as an introduction to the field.  Although the field has grown immensely in the intervening 35 years, the reader will find that the material remains a valuable introduction to those looking to advance the field of pulse plating.
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Toxins That Can Help Us

Over many years, well-regarded AESF/NASF contributor Jack Dini wrote a series of fascinating columns to Plating & Surface Finishing, under the title Fact or Fiction?.  He hasn’t slowed down in 2021.  Here, he notes that more research studies are revealing that a little bit of some toxins can be quite helpful to human health. The following shows a number of examples.  
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A Look at the Finishing Supply Chain and Workforce

The May 2021 issue of Products Finishing puts a focus on supply chain disruptions and the workforce skills gap.

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A Focus on Evironmental Stewardship

The April Issue of Products Finishing puts a focus on environmental concerns.
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Episode 7: Streamlining Communication Between Manufacturers and Finishers

In this episode of On the Line, Products Finishing editor-in-chief Scott Francis sits down with Jason Ray, CEO and co-founder of Paperless Parts, a software provider that offers a quoting system aimed at streamlining how companies involved in the manufacturing process communicate and work together.


Powder Coating

Understanding AAMA Specifications

Rodger Talbert

Rodger Talbert

Columnist, Products Finishing magazine

Powder coating consultant Rodger Talbert explains AAMA specifications and considerations coaters should make before taking on work required to meet those standards.

Q: We have a chance to take on a new job that requires us to meet a specification issued by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). We have coated aluminum parts but we have never had anyone ask us to meet the conditions outlined in the AAMA 2604 specification. We are not sure if we can meet it or what we have to do to ...READ MORE

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Proper Powder Cure Oven Installation

Trey Peavy of RTT Engineered Finishing Solutions offers insights into considerations that must be taken into account when commissioning a powder cure oven.


Outside the Box Thinking on Passivation

Richard Held and Daniel Church of Haviland Enterprises Inc. offer advice for troubleshooting passivation inconsistencies.

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Preventative Maintenance for Paint Line Conveyors

Dave Hesse, field installation superintendent, Global Finishing Solutions, offers suggestions for inspecting and maintaining your industrial conveyor system.

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TGIC Powder Coatings vs. Non-TGIC Powder Coatings

As raw materials become increasingly scarce, powder coating consultant Rodger Talbert offers insights into using non-TGIC products.

Powder Coating

Blistering Defects and How to Avoid Them

Verney Denerville of TIGER Drylac discusses recommendations for avoiding or mitigating blistering defects in powder coatings.

Conveying Long Parts Horizontally

Industrial finishing line consultant Dan Davitz offers advice for designing racking for navigating long parts along a monorail conveyor.
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