Powder Coating

Saving the Family Glider

How awesome is powder coating? It might just preserve precious family memories.

Weiler to Expand Popular Abrasive Brand

Weiler is expanding its Tiger brand of abrasives to include cups, cones and plugs for metal fabrication, including fab shop, tool sharpening, pipeline, rail frog construction and shipyard applications. 

Powder Coating

Toledo Manufacturer and College Collaborate on Spray Finishing Workshop

Carlisle Fluid Technologies and Owens Community College have teamed up to present a Spray Finishing Technology Workshop scheduled for September 8-10, 2021 in Toledo, Ohio

English University Receives Funding to Advance Aerospace Ceramic Coating

A materials expert at the University of Nottingham has secured over £2.1m to develop new coatings for aerospace that could cut jet plane emissions and help spacecraft venture further into our solar system.

Powder Coating

Inocoat Manual Powder Systems from Sames Kremlin

Manual powder systems available to cover all process needs from ordinary to metallic and UV powders.

IMTS spark

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Trends in Automotive

What's Next for the Automotive Industry? The Editors of AutoBeat explore the industry's transition to one where automotive manufacturing is safer, simpler, more regulated … and possibly reshored.

Trends in Parts Cleaning

The latest cleaning trends point toward environmentally friendly ways to clean effectively, involving the replacement of harmful chemical solvents within a cleaning process or switching to a mostly aqueous method.

Digital Manufacturing

From machine monitoring and machine tool dynamics to out-of-the-box digital tools, discover the digital manufacturing technologies becoming a requirement for competing in the marketplace as well as simplifying and improving businesses.

The Parts Cleaning Series

ON DEMAND: Learn how to use the latest technology and stay within environmental limitations with this 6-part webinar series.


2021 PMTS Parts Cleaning Exhibitors Help Determine ‘How Clean is Clean’

Taking advantage of trade shows and conferences geared toward parts cleaning processes, best practices and technologies, such as PMTS, is a great way to become educated about parts cleaning for your company.


An Interview With Stacey Bales, Bales Metal Surface Solutions

Bales discusses growing up in the electroplating business, her experience as a woman in leadership and the value of industry associations.

On the Line Podcast

PF’s On the Line podcast presents stories from the world of finishing in the voices of those who are in the trenches doing the work. Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

Powder Coating

A Look at the Finishing Supply Chain and Workforce

The May 2021 issue of Products Finishing puts a focus on supply chain disruptions and the workforce skills gap.

Reinvigorating the Workforce

Do education and outreach hold the key to solving manufacturing’s workforce problem?
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Your Business

11 predictions of how AI and related technologies will revolutionize finishing in the next 10 years.


Powder Coating

A Focus on Evironmental Stewardship

The April Issue of Products Finishing puts a focus on environmental concerns.
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40 Under 40: Class of 2021

Each year, PF editors comb through a long list of nominees with a wide range of skill sets to select the 40 Under 40 class. This year's finalists include engineers, operations managers, chemists, general managers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs working in the finishing industry. 
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Episode 3: Tractors in the Sky

In this episode of PF’s On the Line podcast, we hear about an electrocoating facility installed by Air Tractor, a manufacturer of cropdusters and firefighting airplanes.


Conveying Long Parts Horizontally

Industrial finishing line consultant Dan Davitz offers advice for designing racking for navigating long parts along a monorail conveyor.

Davitz Q. Do you have advice for how to best hang long parts on a conveyor? Designing a rack to hang long parts horizontally on a monorail conveyor requires two main elements. First, a special load bar, and second, two vertical uprights which hang from the load bar, designed to hold the parts. When a conveyor makes turns, the distance between the pendants actually becomes shorter. Consequently, when holding a ...READ MORE

Liquid Coating

Adjusting Viscosity in Liquid Coatings

Mike Bonner of Saint Clair Systems discusses the problems that can arise from adding solvents to liquid coatings to adjust viscosity. 


Control of Trivalent Passivates

Stephen Roberts of Columbia Chemical discusses ways to better control passivate solutions to improve quality.

Powder Coating

Blistering Defects and How to Avoid Them

Verney Denerville of TIGER Drylac discusses recommendations for avoiding or mitigating blistering defects in powder coatings.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Custom Masking

Is a custom masking design worth the investment? John Gill of Caplugs outlines the considerations to keep in mind when choosing between an off-the-shelf masking solution or a custom-made one.
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Liquid Coating

Paint Booth Exhaust Filter Disposal

Steve Love, parts and filters sales manager, Global Finishing Solutions, discusses proper paint booth filter disposal.


Avoiding Tank Failure

Gary Kriesch leads the business unit at Tri-Mer Corp. that specializes in turnkey anodizing, electrocoating and other metal finishing systems. In this helpful article, he offers insights into the design, selection and maintenance of tanks that are the heart of those systems.