Inside Zinc and Zinc-Nickel Post-Plating Protective Finishes

A behind-the-scenes look at post-plating finishes for zinc and zinc-nickel plating.


Four Supplier Resources to Get More Out of Your Surface Finishing System

Get the most out of your paint and powder coating line by taking advantage of a few resources that can not only optimize your systems but ensure max productivity from installation and long after.

Mechanical Finishing

Winoa’s High-Performance Grit Reduces Blasting Costs

FABTECH 2020: Stainless steel abrasive designed for surface preparation, cleaning or deburring of nonferrous metals.

NACE, SSPC Move Forward on Merger with Ad-Hoc Teams

The teams, made up of members from both associations, are tasked with beginning to implement the transition. 

Powder Coating

Venjakob/Nutro Customizes Surface Finishing Solutions

FABTECH 2020: Venjakob/Nutro specializes in automated finishing systems, including paint lines, robotic paint finishing, part conveyance and curing.

Liquid Coating

Spray Equipment Engineered for Durability

FABTECH 2020: Sata spray guns are designed for quality, durability, high transfer efficiency and superior atomization, and are easy to clean and maintain.


Parts Cleaning

Regenerating Aqueous Cleaning Solution Could Save Time and Cost

Hubbard-Hall has developed an emulsifying cleaner that is optimized for filtration. In conjunction with its membrane filter, the solution enables users to regenerate cleaning solution.

Vacuum/Vapor Coating

Vapor Degreasing: A Fresh Look at an Old Process

Solvent-based cleaning using a vapor degreaser is seeing a resurgence as an alternative cleaning method due to the development of environmentally safe cleaning fluids.

40 Under 40

Products Finishing is recognizing the industry’s top young talent through an annual 40 Under 40 program.

Finishing Index Advances 4 Points as Components Approach ‘No-Change’ level

Improved readings among all components signal decelerating contraction. The Index has risen 13 points from its low in April.


Copper - More Than Just a Metal We Electroplate

Over many years, well-regarded AESF/NASF contributor Jack Dini contributed a series of fascinating columns to Plating & Surface Finishing, under the title Fact or Fiction?.  After his new offering in July, we are happy to offer a second welcome contribution to his output for the NASF, this time on copper.
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NASF/AESF Foundation Research Project #121: Development of a Sustainability Metrics System and a Technical Solution Method for Sustainable Metal Finishing: 1st Quarterly Report

This report (1) introduces the new project and (2) covers the first quarter of project work (April-June 2020) on this project at Wayne State University in Detroit. The objective is to help metal finishing plants to conduct a self-managed sustainability assessment and identify technical solutions for sustainability performance improvement.  The reader is invited to contact Dr. Huang in identifying plating shops willing to participate in this program.
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Liquid Coating

Painting the Mars 2020 Rover

The Mars 2020 rover Perseverance is on its way to the red planet. What kind of surface finish will protect the rover as it does its job? This video from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows how NASA technicians paint the rover for withstanding the harsh environment of Mars.

40 Under 40: Class of 2020

Products Finishing’s 40 Under 40 award program recognizes young professionals in the finishing industry.

July Issue: 40 Under 40 Finishing Industry Leadership Awards

Products Finishing’s July issue covers our 40 Under 40 leadership awards, the role of copper anode sludge formation, finishing industry supply chain insights, advice for replacing old rectifiers, and much more.


How Does Aluminum Impact Dry Film Thickness Readings?

Jay Kunick

Jay Kunick

Product Line Manager, Tactile, Fischer Technology

Jay Kunick from Fischer discusses why different dry film thickness gauges will give different measurements on aluminum, and how to get accurate readings.

Q. When it comes to measuring dry film thickness (DFT) over aluminum, especially curved aluminum, I am noticing that I receive vastly different dry film thickness data, depending on which manufacturer makes the DFT gauge I am using. Why would this be the case? What can I do to assure the DFT data I am receiving, over an aluminum substrate, is accurate? A. Excellent question! First, ...READ MORE

Powder Coating

How to Address Declining Powder Coating Coverage Over Time

Fine particles from reclaim could be to blame for powder coating problems that emerge over time. Avoid problems by keeping hooks clean, maintaining guns and using reclaim powder quickly to avoid accumulation of fines.


Avoiding Adhesion Failure Due to Paraffin

For plating applicators, paraffin residue can cause poor adhesion, delayed blistering or other poor-quality performance of the plated deposit, including poor corrosion resistance. Coventya director of business development Greg Terrell explains how to remove paraffin-based lubricants prior to plating. 
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Powder Coating

What's the Best Coating Method for Extended Outdoor Performance?

For long-lasting powder coating that holds up outdoors, consultant Rodger Talbert suggests pretreatment and washing options, a primer layer and a top coat.

Liquid Coating

Selecting PPE for Your Paint Shop

Guidelines for determining the appropriate personal protective equipment for a painting operation.


Tips for Optimizing or Expanding Your Anodizing Line

Jim Acquaviva, director of business development for Technic Equipment, offers advice for assessing areas of process improvement for anodizing operations, outlining helpful steps for an end-user self-assessment.

Liquid Coating

Understanding Paint Atomization

BASF coatings development expert Tim December explains how paint atomization works for both pneumatic spray applicators and high-speed rotary bell applicators.