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Indiana Manufacturer Plans $3M Upgrade, Including Powder Coat

$1 million worth of capital equipment, including upgraded powder coating capabilities, addition of a tube laser, CNC tube bending and robotic welding.
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Four Supplier Resources to Get More Out of Your Surface Finishing System

Get the most out of your paint and powder coating line by taking advantage of a few resources that can not only optimize your systems but ensure max productivity from installation and long after.

Electroplating / Liquid Coating

A Conversation With William Howard Jr., Houston Plating and Coatings

William Howard’s Houston Plating and Coatings checked in as the No. 1 liquid and powder coating operation in the 2019 Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey.

Oravitz Joins Seal for Life

Jeff Oravitz appointed chief executive officer.

The Conflict of Resolutions

We asked several finishers what their resolutions were for 2020, and did we ever get a variety of wishes and goals.

Electrocoating / Electroplating

Wisconsin's Professional Plating Provides Triple Threat as 5-Time Top Shop

Professional Plating is a 5-Time Products Finishing Top Shop winner that provides plating, powder coating and electrocoating services.