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Axalta CEO Predicts Coatings Mergers

Former Axalta CEO Charlie Shaver says he expects several major takeovers and mergers in the global coatings industry over the next two years.

Liquid Coating / Powder Coating

Climate Control for Better Liquid and Powder Coatings

Air make-up units can provide climate control and dehumidification for replacement air.


A Conversation with Stacey Bales, Bales Metal Surface Solutions

The owner of the Downers Grove, Illinois, company serves on the board of the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA), the Chicago chapter of the National Association for Surface Finishing and the Chicago AESF Foundation.

Asterion Hires Graham Torr as Director of Technical Services

Torr will be responsible for the direction of technical services at Asterion, including its analytical laboratory, customer product training, application support, and installation of pretreatment, plating and powder coatings processes.

The Misguided Fear of Innovation

Suppliers and shops should seek and celebrate new ideas and products.


How Dissolved Aluminum in Low Caustic Etch Baths Affects Acid-Etched Surfaces

Decreasing the concentration of aluminum in the low caustic step can also lead to problems such as preferential etching.