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Houston Plating and Coatings Celebrates 30 Years

HPC has over 1,500 active customers and processes over five million parts annually, and has been named a Products Finishing magazine Top Shop for both plating and spray coating processes.
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How to Optimize Your Reverse Osmosis System for Surface Finishing

High-quality water is essential for a variety of industrial finishing processes, but is too often overlooked. Discover where reverse osmosis fits into your finishing operation, including what it is, how it works and how to get the most out it.

Powder Coating

Architectural Coatings Help Minnesota Shop Grow Finishing Operation

Twin City Powder Coating now boasts 36,000 square feet, two 40-foot ovens with matching coating booths, one 8-foot oven and coating booth, and six manual coating systems.

Brian Stowell Joins Gema as a Controls Engineer

Stowell brings a strong background in mechanical engineering and software programming to Gema.

Finishing Shops Celebrate Top Shops Awards in Unique Ways

As we get ready to open the next survey to determine which finishing operations will be crowned the 2019 Products Finishing Top Shops, we look at how previous winners have celebrated the honor.

Electroplating / Pollution Control

Preventing Electroplating Tank Catastrophes in Surface Finishing Operations

About 75 percent of process tank users have reported tank failures. Here’s how to avoid them.