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Boeing, AkzoNobel Reach Coatings Partnership Milestone and Color the 787th 787

Boeing reached a milestone in its paint partnership with AkzoNobel following the delivery of its 787th 787 aircraft.
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How to Optimize Your Reverse Osmosis System for Surface Finishing

High-quality water is essential for a variety of industrial finishing processes, but is too often overlooked. Discover where reverse osmosis fits into your finishing operation, including what it is, how it works and how to get the most out it.

Electroplating / Liquid Coating

Two Shops Tackle Aerospace Metal Finishing

All Metals Processing and Embee Processing tackle tough aerospace finishing under a single ownership umbrella.

Weiler Abrasives Appoints New Abrasive Specialists

David Jescovitch is abrasive specialist manager and Ron McCarthy is abrasive specialist.

Taking Finishing to the Global Stage

Moving to the global stage is exactly what South Carolina’s Roy Metal Finishing accomplished recently when it agreed to be bought by Aalberts Industries N.V., a Dutch technology company that operates in 50 countries.


Diamond Coating Spurs Electroplater's Growth

Surface Technology’s Composite Diamond Coatings spur growth for supplier, plater.