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Improve COVID-19 Safety in Your Building with Flow Simulation

These building design and flow simulation tools are now being used to help companies evaluate workspace modifications to determine how to safely provide their employees and customers with a safe environment.

Best Practices for Measuring Electroplated and Electroless Nickel Plating

The properties making nickel a valued surface finish also create challenges with measuring layer thicknesses of the deposited material. Learn about the challenges with measuring electroplated and electroless nickel layer thicknesses.

Nordson and Microsoft: Maximize Powder Coating Operations with IIoT

The Wisdom™ smart connected platform combines the Industrial Internet of Things with Nordson Industrial Coating Systems’ (ICS) proven hardware, controls, application expertise, and value-added services.

A Choice for Every Challenge: Solvent vs. Aqueous Cleaning

Ever wonder whether solvent or aqueous cleaning impacts total costs by eliminating downtime and reducing rejects? Watch as two Hubbard-Hall cleaning experts go toe-to-toe on the advantages and disadvantages of solvent versus aqueous cleaning.

Flexible, Automated, Cutting Edge Material Handling

Are you wondering how a new material handling system would integrate into your finishing operation? Or modifying your current material handling system with new innovations?

Maximizing Cleaning System Overall Equipment Efficiency to Increase Throughput and Performance Reliability

Particulate removal is the greatest contributor to transmission lifespan improvements over the last 20 years. However, if we coat, seal, weld, or bond components after machining, manufacturers need to control the chemical cleanliness of a surface.

Comparing Operational and Performance Characteristics of Chloride and Sulfate-Based Decorative Trivalent Plating

This webinar will report on the extensive field studies outlining performance, color stability and corrosion results of the two systems. Operational factors such as plating speed and anode cost/efficiency will be reviewed.

Use Technology to Optimize Your Process and Powder Coatings Performance

Steve Houston will walk you through ten of the best and most useful innovations available today that are proven to show results in cost reduction, production gains and product performance.

NASF & EPA Discussion: Outlook for Federal PFAS Regulations for Surface Finishing Industry

The US EPA is implementing a national strategy on PFAS that includes reviewing possible new requirements for various industries. Join NASF online along with federal EPA for this milestone session of the virtual NASF Washington Forum.

Measuring Coatings and Electroplating Thicknesses: Different Methods, Techniques, and Testing Solutions

Modern manufacturing uses a wide variety of coatings and surface finishes to achieve very specific product requirements. Register for an overview of different coating thickness test methods available to the coatings and plating professional.

Automating a Manual Liquid Coating System

Learn how to identify opportunities for automation, as well as challenges in today’s workforce and how to adapt.

Back to Basics: Wastewater Treatment

How do we ensure that our wastewater systems are running at peak efficiency through all phases of production? Register today!

Reviewing Alternative Technology Options Not Requiring PFAS Compounds

What options exist today for alternative technologies not requiring the use of PFAS? Register today!

SCADA & Finishing Systems – Gathering Real-Time Data and What to Do with It

Learn advanced computer controls and operations that can be developed for any sophisticated automated system. Register today!

New Fixed Abrasive Buff (FAB) to Obtain a Single Digit Ra Finish with Little to No Compound

The basics of why the FAB was developed will be covered as well as some high-level discussions around the science behind the product. Register today!

Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19: How to Get Started with TCO

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is the key tool to objectively compare alternative sources to determine which items can be most profitably sourced domestically and which to offshore. Register today!

Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19: For Job Shops and Other Suppliers

In the third webinar in this series, Harry will, in detail, demonstrate how to convince your customers that they will be more profitable buying from you 20 to 40% of products they now import. Register today!

Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19: For OEMs

In the second webinar in this series, Harry will, in detail, demonstrate that shorter supply chains are also more profitable for OEMs for 20 to 40% of products. Register today!

Supply Chain Lessons from COVID-19

It is now clear: shorter supply chains are stronger, more competitive supply chains. Register today!

11 Critical Factors for Identifying the Right Cleaning Chemistry

While having parts that are cleaned to spec every time, the first time – is clearly the goal – how can companies do so with least consumption of resources? Register today!

Advanced XRF Features Save You Time and Money in Plating Operations

While XRF analyzers with basic functionality will give good results, there are advanced features available that can save you money and improve efficiency. Register today for the webinar with Hitachi!

Reduce Cleaning Costs by 35%

Do you ever wonder how you can improve quality, increase cost savings and positively impact the environment? Join Hubbard-Hall as they discuss the economics of industrial cleaning and how to reclaim 95% of the cleaner you dispose. Register today!