Automobile Painting Courses



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Q. I just received the June issue, and always enjoy reading the clinics. I just had to respond to W. G. about spending $28,000 for automobile painting classes. I live in Wisconsin and I know a lot of other states have tech schools that offer auto repair courses. I attended an evening course on how to do basic repairs. Half the course was on repairs. The other half was on painting fundamentals and hands on painting. This was a great way to gather fine points with the latest equipment and materials, and best of all, the course was reasonable and affordable. It was well worth the time and

There are many programs that are taught as the evening courses that are useful and if there are enough requests for other courses, the schools will offer them as evening programs. Have a good day and keep up the informative information. D. K.


A. Thanks for writing, D. K. I’m sure there are many other reasonably-priced automobile and general product spray painting courses available throughout the country.