Burner Tube Replacement


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Q. What would be a good project timeline for installing a new burner tube in a pretreatment tank? What steps would be required?—M.B.

A. The burner tube is generally a prefabricated metal tube (often stainless steel) that is used to contain the flame from the gas train and ignition, as well as transfer the heat to the liquid bath. Of course, you should first source the burner tube so it is ready to go for the installation. That could be an item purchased direct from the original supplier of the entire system or a separately fabricated burner tube made to the same dimensions and specifications as the original one. If you are using a contract sheet metal shop to fabricate your burner tube, it could take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks or more, depending on the size, materials and backlog at the company you are working with. Once that is complete, I would not expect it to take more than a weekend to get the tank pumped out and cleaned, the old burner tube cut out, and the new one installed.