Dip Coating Toothpicks


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Q. I am looking for a company interested in helping me on a project to automatically dip coat toothpicks (60% coverage) with a food grade, water-based coating. Most dip coaters are dipping metal parts and coating with plastisols and other polymers some of which require high temperature curing. Can you suggest a place to begin looking? Thanks in advance for your help. J. M.


A. All kinds of products are painted automatically by liquid and powder coatings. It would seem that the hard part is coating only 60% of a toothpick. Not so, because only select portions of certain products are painted everyday. Dip coating using a conveyor so that only 60% of the toothpick is coated seems feasible. I would began looking at equipment suppliers. The ones listed on pages 281 to 285 of the PRODUCTS FINISHING 2006 DIRECTORY AND TECHNOLOGY GUIDE (www.pfonline.com/suppliers.html). It is important to remember that the coating must have FDA approval. 

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